Transform Any Room With Lighting

You spend a hefty budget making your home reflect who you are. From the colours of the pillows to the accent rugs, everything has to come together just right to give your home an authentic and unique look. But if you are focusing on colours and patterns, you are missing the one key thing that can transform any space. That is lighting.

In this article we will explore how lighting can help you to create your space and take your design to the next level.


Lamps can give you concentrated light. They can help you to create space that is intimate and personal. Lamps are the best option for bedrooms, studies, or nooks because they can be used to give you a space to read, work, and play. You can combine different types of lamps, like table and floor lamps, to add light right where you want it.

Using lamps gives you the ability to choose how much or how little light you want as well as giving you the option of changing the wattage in different areas of the room. Lamps are also perfect when you are sharing a space because your light won’t interfere with the person across the room from you if you choose your wattage correctly.

Track Lighting

Track lighting is often used to shine a light on a specific item, like a picture. It can be used for more of a spotlight. Usually, it is attached to the ceiling and then shines down where you want it. It can come with three – five lamps that can be focused, turned and maneuvered to produce the look that you want. The downside is that it also causes quite a lot of heat. This is great in a kitchen, living room, or hall, but you probably wouldn’t want to use it in the bedroom.

Natural Light

Natural light can help your space in so many ways. It can help you to create a bright and welcoming space. It can help to lift your mood. It has even been said that natural light helps rooms feel cleaner. The best way to use natural light is to get plantation shutters. This can help you direct light however you would like.

Plantation shutters allow you to control how much light you want and need. It can create a feel for your room that you simply cannot get any other way. Another great thing about plantation shutters is that they give your home curb appeal and can direct air into your home to cool it down.

Decorative Lighting

Decorative Lights are used when you don’t want to block your sight line by the light fixture. Think recessed lighting above kitchen countertops. It can be beautiful and handy when you use it in the right place. The beauty of decorative lighting is that it can be as unique as the space that you put it in. However, it is usually limited in the space that you can use it in.

This is just four types of lighting. There are more out there. Lighting can change the colour of your space. There are so many ways that you can use it create your ideal space without spending a ton of money or even extending your budget. If you need a way to change your space and add drama, then you should take some time into looking into the lighting options you have for your space.

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Natural light can transform any room.

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