Solar Panel Roof Installation

A solar PV system can reduce or eliminate your energy bills and lessen your environmental impact. Modern Group’s solar panels are built for the Australian sun and are known for their industry-leading quality, so here is your guide for mounting the best solar roof panel installation in the business.

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Modern has installed solar panels on thousands of homes

There’s a reason Modern Group has been one of the country’s leading solar panel installers for so many years. We’re an Australian company and we only install solar systems and inverters from top-tier brands. Choose an industry-leading local name thousands of Australians trust for solar panel installation. Make it Modern.

Why Modern solar PV?

Reduce or eliminate your energy bill

A well-installed, high-quality solar PV system has the potential to reduce or even completely eliminate your energy bill. That’ll save you more than a few dollars.

Protect yourself from energy price hikes

The average Australian electricity bill increases by almost $100 every year. Installing a Modern solar PV system can help you generate your own electricity so that you are less affected by rising prices.

Reduce your impact on the environment

Electricity generation is Australia’s leading carbon emitter. Solar energy electricity generation, on the other hand, emits zero carbon and is extremely environmentally friendly.

Top-tier panels tested for quality

Watch out for low-grade brands and poor-quality solar panels. We only install top-tier brands of the highest quality. All our solar panels are tested by independent laboratories to ensure maximum efficiency and minimal degradation (PID).

Clean Energy Council approved installers

The installation process is just as important as the solar PV system itself for homeowners. Modern Group’s approved installers deliver systems designed for long-lasting, optimised solar panel performance. Our installers are Clean Energy Council approved for your peace of mind.

Built and designed for Australian conditions

Our photovoltaic rooftop solar PV systems are designed for the hot Australian sun and are built to withstand harsh conditions. They’re tested to last longer and perform better for optimal energy efficiency.

Why customers prefer Modern solar PV

Why Modern


Highest quality Solar PV

Modern has years of experience sourcing the highest quality Solar PV technology from leading suppliers all over the globe. All products come with a comprehensive warranty and are supported locally.


Superior workmanship

No matter what solar system you use, if it’s not installed properly your energy efficiency will be wasted. Our industry-leading solar panel installation process ensures that you get the best out of a system that is purpose-built to suit your needs.


Fair prices & finance options

Modern Group charges a fair and competitive price for a high-quality installation on your metal roof, shingle roof, or tile roof that will improve your home and last for years. Interest-free, no-deposit finance is available.


A name thousands of Australians trust

Get your solar PV system installation right the first time. Choose solar retailers with decades of experience who are trusted by thousands of happy customers. Make it Modern.

Solar panel installation FAQs

How long do solar PV systems last?

Modern’s solar PV systems typically last 25 years or longer. Our marine grade aluminium base rails have a 10-year warranty.

Can the Australian Federal Solar Rebate help pay for my installation?

Yes, you may be able to access the Australian Federal Solar Rebate (STC) scheme for a solar PV system discount. On average, customers save up to $500 per kilowatt of energy from solar panels installed, meaning a 6.6 kW system will attract $3,300 in rebates.

Get in touch to find out if you qualify for this generous rebate scheme.

Will I still have to pay for electricity after solar panel installation?

Paying for electricity after installing a solar PV system will depend on your energy usage, the sun in your area and the size of the solar PV system you install (as well as how you install it). Our installers can discuss your typical energy usage and tailor the solar PV system to ensure it meets your needs.

Why is quality installation so important?

Our solar PV systems usually last 25 years or longer. We don’t recommend using poor-quality materials that may degrade and affect the performance of your system. Even if top-quality components are used, an imperfect installation will generate less power and could shorten the system’s lifespan.

Which solar panels and inverters do you offer?

We offer a range of solar panels and inverters which we will carefully select and tailor to suit your system’s design and your budget. Matching a reliable, high-quality inverter to your panels ensures higher efficiency all year-round.

Partners and Accreditation

We’ve improved over half a million Australian homes. Chances are, you’ve seen our solar PV systems already.

What our customers say about us


The Modern Warranty

Our warranties are secured against a company that has been around for 40 years and will be around for many more. When you buy Modern products you have peace of mind knowing that Modern will still be here to honour your claim – unlike many of our competitors.

Checking if Your Roof is Right for Panels

Modern Group takes the guesswork out of solar panel installation. We can visit you on-site at your home for a free quote that includes the solar PV system, solar battery storage potential, and electrician costs for all associated electrical work. We can design the best possible renewable energy solar system for almost any type of roof.

Installing Panels on a Suitable Roof

Today’s homes are built with roofing materials that are perfect for upgrades with the addition of a solar power system. We know how to install solar panels that will deliver energy savings and lower your monthly energy bills, even if yours is a flat roof or south-facing roof.

How solar power works

When the sun shines onto solar panels, the heat energy is absorbed by efficient PV cells in the panel. This energy creates electrical charges that move in response to an internal electric field, causing electricity to flow. With solar power, your electrical meter will again become your friend.

Solar panel installation from professionals

If you are looking for a solar company that meets the expectations of modern Australian homeowners, look no further than Modern Group solar experts. Our team of highly qualified professionals have the solar power options and answers you are looking for, and you may even qualify for additional rebates and incentives, such as selling your unused electricity back to the grid.

Solar PV systems built for Australia

Modern is one of the country’s leading residential solar system installers – we’ve been installing solar PV systems for years (and we’ll be doing it for years to come).

All our solar panels have gone through rigorous testing to make certain that they can perform under hot Australian sun. That includes testing to certify our panels are free of flaws and to ensure minimal induced degradation. While some solar systems use cheap components that will degrade quickly, we only use top-grade materials to guard against power leakage and reduce degradation.

The result? Our solar PV systems outperform and outlast, and will work wonders to reduce your electricity bill.

Choose a name thousands of Australians trust for solar PV. Make it Modern.

Your solar PV system could be on your roof for 25 years or longer. Don’t let just anyone install yours – choose a name that you can trust – Australia’s leading manufacturers and installers of high quality solar PV systems. Make it Modern.

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