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If your roof is tired, old or leaky, we’re here to help. Modern has been repairing roofs all over Australia for 40+ years and we’re one of the country’s most trusted brands. If your roof needs repairing, don’t risk hiring just anyone – stop it leaking and make it Modern.

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Modern have worked on over 100,000 roofs and counting

Even the most well-built roofs need some repair or maintenance every few years. If yours needs work, or you think it may be worth having it looked at – call Modern – we’re dedicated to ensuring that your roof is repaired to the highest standards.

Choose a name that thousands of Australians trust to repair your roof and stop the leaks for good.

Why Modern roof repair

Thorough 33-point roof inspection

The Modern FREE 33-point inspection is an inspection carried out to identify potential roofing issues then advise on work to be carried out with your approval.If you’re a new homeowner, this service may assist in determining the overall condition of your roof to safeguard for the future, enhance the look, and protect your property investment. Whatever your roofing needs as a new homeowner, if you’re looking for roofing repairs or advice on your current home, make contact for a free service quote and consultation.

Full leak roof repair service

When we repair your roof, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that it’ll be weather tight for years and decades to come.

Industry-leading warranty

Modern have been repairing roofs all over Australia for forty years. We’re so confident in the high quality of our work that we offer one of the industry's longest and most comprehensive warranties covering all materials, coatings and workmanship. It’s a promise you can trust from a name that thousands of Australians have trusted with their roof repairs for over 40 years.

Extend the life of your roof

High quality roof maintenance and repairs with Modern could extend the life of your roof by years, ensuring it's always looking and functioning its best.

Why our customers repair their roofs

Why Modern



Modern is proudly Australian-owned and operated. We manufacture our own high-tech roof coatings so we can ensure their quality.


Superior workmanship

Our local tradesmen are detail-obsessed and work tirelessly to ensure that your roof is repaired to last.


Industry-leading value

Modern’s roofing repairs promise industry-leading quality at a fair price.


A name thousands of Australians trust

Get your roof repair right the first time. Choose a name that thousands of Australian homeowners trust. Make it Modern.

Modern roof repair FAQs

Do you offer warranties on leaking roof repairs?

Yes, Modern’s roofing replacement warranties cover all materials, coatings and workmanship and are one of the longest in the industry.

What’s involved in a roof leak repair?

First, we inspect your roof in detail to make sure we understand exactly what we need to do to repair it. Then we replace faulty tiles, leaking roof sheets, loose screws and nails, and repair and replace flashings. Once we’re done your leaks will be fixed permanently.

Do you offer free on-site consultations and a free quote?

If you’re unsure about how to tell if you have roof damage, we offer free on-site consultations at a time convenient to you. Just give us a call and we’ll come round to yours, take a look at your roof, provide expert advice and a formal free quote.

Does Modern offer urgent leaky roof repair services?

Yes. Get in touch with us, let us know your roof is leaking and we’ll do our best to visit on the same day, next day, or as soon as humanly possible.

When should I get my roof repaired?

If you’re worried about your roof’s performance, the sooner you repair it the better. Our roof inspection can tell you whether there is anything to be worried about, and our roofing professionals will provide options to remedy any issues. When looking for a roof repair specialist, also check their warranties on roof leak repairs. A cheaper roof company may mean lower-quality materials warranties that don’t hold water.

Does Modern also offer gutters and downpipes check, repair and replacement services?

Besides a roofing system, Modern’s team of roofing professionals and tradesmen also do a fantastic job with gutter repair check and gutter cleaning services. We have been replacing gutters for 40+ years! For gutter and downpipe repair and replacements we offer expert advice, exceptional service and quality products.

Re-roofing? Roof restoration or roof replacement?

A roof restoration goes far beyond a roof repair. A roof restoration is a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative to a complete roof replacement. Our approach to a roof restoration includes various steps, the first being to ensure that the roof is completely watertight. This involves roof tile repairs, repairing all leaks, replacing faulty and broken tiles and any leaky roof sheets, loose screws, nails and valley irons.

The next step is for your Modern roof restoration specialist to inspect and replace any ridge capping tiles, replacing faulty bedding mortar and repointing all capping tiles to help prevent any future movement of roof tiles. We will then deep clean your roof followed by a final roof cleaning to ensure that the paint properly adheres when applied and no residue is trapped in the tiles.

You can then choose your paint colour. The final step is UV protection using our advanced Modern Supablock™ coating. We can paint most types of roofs including most concrete tiles, unglazed terracotta tiles, some metal roofs, and most roofs that have been previously painted. We have a huge range of colours matching many popular Colorbond™ colours, as well as colours which are only available through Modern.

What is roof repointing, roof rebedding and roof flashing?

Roof bedding and pointing are part of your roof’s structure. Roof bedding holds the roof tiles in place and roof pointing helps to create a tighter seal and stronger hold. Roof repointing is part of the re-roofing process where you replace the pointing.

Roof flashing is a roll of thin metal rolled out serving as a seal to prevent water damage and mold. Roof flashing helps close a joint in walls or roofing applications and also surrounds skylights and vents.

What are the benefits of repairing your roof?

As a homeowner, your roof is the biggest investment in your home and is crucial for both safety and home value. The benefits of repairing a leaking roof and roof restoration includes:

  • Increases the value of your home
  • Peace of mind in storm season
  • Prevents water damage, harmful mold growth and additional costs involved
  • Saves money on energy costs with improved insulation
  • Keeps unwanted pests out
  • Increases the lifespan of your roof
  • Is part of insurance cover

Does Modern service Sydney? And what about roof repairs in Melbourne and other cities across Australia?

Over and above fast and convenient leaking roof repairs, reliable service and quality workmanship, Modern also offer great prices for homeowners, made affordable with finance options. With offices in Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and more, we service homes across NSW, Victoria, QLD, Tasmania, SA and WA.

We offer a free quote and on-site consultation as the first step to transform the look of your home with our roof repair service. Modern are trusted for quality workmanship and lasting results. To find out how to protect your old roof from common roofing issues and to enjoy the look and quality of a new roof with our thorough roof repair service, make contact today.

Partners and Accreditation

We’ve improved over half a million Australian homes. Chances are, you’ve seen one of our roofs already.

What our customers say about us:

The Modern Warranty

Our warranties are secured against a company that has been around for 45 years and will be around for many more. When you buy Modern products you have peace of mind knowing that Modern will still be here to honour your claim – unlike many of our competitors.

Longer lasting roof repairs and roof restoration

Modern has been one of the country’s leading roofing repair and roof companies nationwide for over four decades. There’s a reason we’ve been around for so long – everything we do looks a cut above, works better and lasts longer.

Our roof repair service starts with an ultra-detailed 33-point inspection. Afterwards you’ll receive a full written report identifying problems with your roof as well as a detailed description of our recommended solutions.

Next we’ll replace faulty tiles, leaking roof sheets, loose screws, and repair or replace broken flashings and valley iron. Once we’re done you’ll have a water-tight roofing system that’ll stand the test of time.

Don’t let just anyone repair your roof

Your roof is meant to keep your family warm, dry and safe as well as protecting your home from water damage and moisture. If it’s not doing its job properly, you risk your family’s health and the structural integrity of your home.

Don’t muck around when it comes time to repair your roof. Choose a local brand that thousands of Australians trust. Make it Modern.

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