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5 Ways to Summer Proof Your Outdoor Area

15 Nov 2023

5 Ways to Summer Proof Your Outdoor Area

Summer is the season of entertaining. Christmas lunches, family barbecues and play dates can sneak up on you, so now is the time to set up your outdoor space.Invest in an awning

Nothing puts a damper on an event like the scorching sun. Too much heat can make your guests feel tired and fatigued, so providing an area of shade is a must. An awning can give you that much-needed shade while retracting for when you want to spend some time in the sun. When choosing the right awning for your space, look for one that will provide enough shade for guests to stand and mingle.

Add seating

Having plenty of seating can make your outdoor area more comfortable and practical. Investing in soft outdoor couches or chairs means that you can enjoy afternoons reading, napping or entertaining guests. While you don’t have to have a seat for every guest when hosting larger gatherings, you’ll want to have enough chairs for several people to sit at once. Arrange your seating around a table so that guests can chat and you have a central location to set food and drinks.

Plan your planting

Lush greens instantly liven up an outdoor space, but plants are about more than their good looks. Plan your planting strategically, making sure that trees will provide shade in the right spots and hedges give a natural border to your space. You can also consider herbs and flowers so that your outdoor space smells beautiful all summer long.

Light up the night

Summer days might be long, but that doesn’t mean the party stops when the sun goes down. Adding lights to your outdoor space means that you can spend more time in the fresh air with family and friends, and it also adds instant aesthetic. Fairy lights and café lighting create a whimsical atmosphere, while lanterns can create a relaxed vibe.

Summer-proof with shutters

Keeping your outdoor area cool is key to a comfortable summer. Louvre shutters are elegant and attractive, adding to the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space. But with sweltering summers in places like Sydney and Perth, louvre shutters are also practical. The solid construction protects your home from summer storms, preventing dents or breaks. This not only keeps your home looking great but keeps it safe, too.

Roller shutters will also help keep heat under control. They provide a barrier between your home and the sun that keeps UV rays out, making roller shutters in Perth and around Australia hugely beneficial. When the party is ready to move indoors, your home will be cool and comfortable. Plus, this insulation will help keep your energy bills down in the summertime.

Another benefit to your roller shutters is the flexible noise control. Because the shutter blocks noise from coming into your home, anyone can still enjoy silence inside while your guests laugh and chat outside.

Have you prepared your outdoor areas for summer yet? If so, what did you do to make a difference?

To learn more about roller shutters and how they can help ease the heat of summer, contact Modern today.

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