Downpipe & Gutter Replacement & Repairs

Modern have been replacing gutters for 40+ years and are one of Australia’s most trusted names in affordable home improvement. For gutter and downpipe replacement as well as roof repairs and services, choose Modern for expert advice, exceptional service and quality products.

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Modern have worked on over 500,000 homes

When guttering and downpipes become damaged they not only look unsightly, they can cause damage to the rest of your home. If your gutters need work, don’t delay –  call Modern for free, no-obligation advice and stop the leaks for good.

We’ve improved over half a million Australian homes and we’d love to improve yours.

Why Modern roof gutter replacements

Proper fit guaranteed

Modern’s are experienced pros. We carefully measure every inch of your existing guttering to ensure our replacements fit perfectly.

No-leak promise

There are few things more annoying (or potentially damaging to your home) than dripping guttering and downpipes. We guarantee zero leaks in our guttering replacements for your peace of mind.

Industry-leading warranty

Modern have been repairing gutters all over Australia for forty years. We’re so confident in the high quality of our work that we offer one of the industry's longest and most comprehensive warranties covering all materials, coatings and workmanship.

Ensure proper drainage

We ensure that rainwater is consistently draining properly to prevent expensive problems.

Why our customers replace their guttering

Why Modern



Modern is proudly Australian owned and operated. We’re a local name you can trust.


Superior workmanship

Our local tradesmen are detail-driven and work tirelessly to ensure that your gutters and downpipes are built to fit and made to last.


Industry-leading value

Modern’s gutter and downpipe replacement service promises industry leading quality at a fair price.


Colorbond® quality

Get your gutter replacement right the first time. Choose Modern for Colorbond® steel gutters, with countless colours available, as well as colour matching to your roof.

Modern downpipe and house gutter replacement FAQs

Do you offer warranties on gutters and downpipe replacements?

Yes. Modern’s gutter replacement warranties cover all materials and workmanship and are one of the longest in the industry.

What’s involved in repairing my gutters?

First of all, we measure your home and assess your existing guttering and downpipes. Next, we recommend the perfect guttering for your home, giving you a huge set of colours and style to pick from. Then we provide exact costs and set up a time to install.

The whole process is quick, easy, painless and most importantly – affordable.

Do you offer free on-site consultations?

Yes, we offer free on-site consultations at a time convenient to you. Just give us a call and we’ll come round to your home, take a look at your guttering, provide expert advice and a FREE quote.

Does Modern offer urgent leaky guttering repairs?

Yes. Get in touch with us, let us know your guttering is leaking and we’ll do our best to visit on the same day – or as soon as humanly possible.

Can a gutter system help prepare against bushfires?

Yes. Gutter guards can stop leaves building up in gutters. By reducing roof leaf litter, gutter guards are an effective deterrent against bushfire embers. Gutter cleaning and clearing of debris also help to reduce a fire hazard.

What are the benefits of guttering and down piping?

Gutters and downpipes are often ignored until there are serious problems with drainage and run-off. The benefits of repairing or replacing with new guttering and downpipes include reducing leaks and ensuring rainwater is draining properly. This reduces water damage to your home. In dry hot bushfire-prone areas, a good gutter system can help to reduce the risk of bushfire damage. Besides practical living benefits and risk reduction, guttering and down piping also enhance your home’s value by improving the aesthetic facade.

Partners and Accreditation

We’ve improved over half a million Australian homes. Chances are, you’ve seen our work already.

What our customers say about us:

The Modern Warranty

Our warranties are secured against a company that has been around for 45 years and will be around for many more. When you buy Modern products you have peace of mind knowing that Modern will still be here to honour your claim – unlike many of our competitors.

Gutter and downpipe replacement: Quick, easy & affordable

Modern has been one of the country’s leading guttering replacement and roofing services companies nationwide for over four decades. There’s a reason we’ve been around for so long – everything we do looks a cut above, works better and lasts longer.

We’re on a mission to upgrade every property with superior workmanship and higher quality guttering and downpipes.

We’re an Australian-owned company and we use Australian-made products for your gutters.

Don’t let just anyone repair your gutters

Old, leaky gutters can result in blockages and cause lasting damage to your home. They also make it look old and tired. If yours aren’t holding water, don’t risk it – get them replaced by an expert.

Choose a local name that thousands of Australians trust when it comes to gutter replacement. Make it Modern. With expert teams across Australia, including QLD, NSW, Tasmania, Victoria and WA, get in touch to learn more about our services, replacement gutter cost, as well as our on-site FREE quote. Let us repair your damaged or blocked gutters and downpipes for peace-of-mind home maintenance and lifestyle enjoyment.

Different types of gutters and downpipes

There are various options when it comes to types of gutters and downpipes. The latter are generally round or square. Besides personal preference, modern gutter systems often use square downpipes which fit flush with walls. Round downpipes are more common with older homes. Besides the look, capacity is also a consideration when choosing types of gutters and downpipes. Downpipes carry water and prevent backflow. So if you’re in an area with a lot of rainfall, bigger capacity downpipes and bigger guttering is often the best choice. There are also different types which include quad gutters, box gutters and fascia gutters. To learn more about Modern’s range and what’s best suited to your home’s needs, make contact with our expert team.

Other Modern roofing services, over and above guttering and downpipe needs

Modern has been a leader in the Australian home improvement industry for more than 40 years, offering exceptional service and quality products to more than 500,000 Australian homes. Our experienced team of experts are available to discuss your guttering and downpipe needs as well as roofing home maintenance needs. In the hands of our teams of experienced roofers, our roofing services include roof restoration, roof repair, and roof replacement. Besides exceptional workmanship and service, we use high quality Colorbond® metal roofs that last longer, look better and save on energy.

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