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Modern have been the leading experts in gutters and downpipes for the past 35 years.
Modern are the go-to choice for all roofing repairs. No matter how minor or major the job – the team at Modern has you covered.

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Gutter Replacements

Gutters and downpipes are often overlooked in the home maintenance schedule – Yet they are one of the most important components due to the large volume of water that falls on the average Australian roof. Neglecting them means running the risk of major damage through leaks caused by blocked or damaged guttering and downpipes.

Tired of the constant leaks, noise and concern over damage to your property? Gutter leaks are bearable at first, but when left unmanaged can lead to severe interior leaks and roof damage. If your home has fallen victim to heavy storms and rainfall, we can offer emergency gutter repair service to fix up the roof as soon as possible.

Because guttering and downpipes are constantly exposed to the elements, the conditions of your gutters weakens over time. If you identify a weak or rusted spot, it’s normally an indication that it’s time for your gutter repair – Though in many cases, a replacement is the more cost-effective solution.

We pride ourselves on superior workmanship and use only the highest quality materials for our guttering, downpipes, and fascia products. Modern gutters and downpipes not only look great, they also give your home added roofing protection by carrying rainwater to the ground.

No More Leaks

Because leaking gutters are often beyond repair due to rust and corrosion, we can make sure any leaky joins are sealed with continuous length replacement gutters and downpipes. Our guttering is accurately measured and assembled to guarantee a proper fit that will eliminate leaks and effectively transfer rainwater to the ground. Get in touch with us today for a free gutter inspection and a free consultation to estimate the cost of guttering work for your home.

Gutters, Downpipes, Leaf Guards, Fascias

We’ve worked with all roof and gutter problems that the harsh Australian weather conditions throw at us. Rusty gutters, damaged downpipes, clogged gutter guards, rotted fascias – We’ve seen it all and can quickly and accurately identify and fix for problems in your guttering and roofing ecosystem.

Complete Roof Specialists – Not Just Gutters

A gutters in need of repair often means the roof is also in need of work. Sometimes a tile roof may have cracked or damaged bedding and pointing that’s resulting in an irregular water flow to your gutters, accelerating the rate of rust and corrosion. We have the experience to identify other problem areas on your roof and recommend the best solution to improve the value and longevity of your roof and gutters.

Modern Group - Gutter & Downpipe Repairs Before & After
Flawless Gutter & Downpipe Repairs Sydney

Your Guttering Options

From COLORBOND to Zincalume, we have gutters to match your home and budget.

Ever had gutters that deteriorated much faster than you expected? You may have had budget materials or workmanship. Our gutter specialists can work with top quality aluminium, COLORBOND and zincalume gutters, which are far sturdier and resistant to rusk and leaks.

With 26 designer colours to choose from, Modern guttering and downpipes perfectly complement your roof, guaranteeing the ideal finish to your home. Find out more about our guttering materials that our roof plumbing experts work with below.

Aluminium Guttering

There’s a good reason aluminium gutters so many homeowners are choosing alumunium gutters. For starters, aluminium won’t rust – Which is enough information to sell itself. Our pre-painted aluminium gutters have continuous length, meaning they’re longer lasting, have no unsightly joints, and less points to leak from. The ideal solution if you’re looking for a gutter replacement that will not only last, but will improve the aesthetics and style of your home.


Steel gutters, sometimes referred to as ZINCALUME, are a resistant, durable and stylish choice for your gutters. Available in a wide range of colours, COLORBOND steel gutters are fast to install and offer a strong exterior coating to protect against damage from flaking and peeling. Steel guttering is often more affordable than aluminium but is still extremely durable and resistant to rust and leaks over time.

Not Sure? Just Need Professional Guidance?

Unsure about the real difference between Aluminium and steel? Confused by ZINCALUME? Just want the best for your home? Contact us for a free gutter inspection and complimentary consultation. We will talk you through your options and help you decide on the best guttering and downpipe solution for your home based on your budget and style.

We have local gutter repair and replacement experts available in SydneyNewcastleCentral CoastMelbourneBrisbaneAdelaide, Perth and Hobart.

An aluminium box gutter and downpipe being assembled and installed on-site.
Colorbond Guttering. A steel gutter and downpipe often costs less than the price of aluminium gutters

Guttering, downpipes and other rainwater products are some of the most essential assets for any property; however, they’re often overlooked in the home maintenance schedule. Not only are they crucial to directing rain water away from your home, they also add that touch of style and colour to the exterior of your home.

Poorly maintained home gutter systems means running the risk of major damage through leaks caused by blocked or damaged guttering and downpipes. Without properly installed and maintained gutters, rain water can flow directly into the foundations of your home where structural issues can occur thanks to the continual damp and moist conditions.

Because guttering and downpipes are constantly exposed to the elements, they can become weakened over time. If you identify a weak or rusted spot, it’s normally an indication that it is time for your guttering to be replaced. Modern have a range of guttering and fascia products available in 26 different designer colours, so you’re bound to find one to compliment your roof and home exterior, guaranteeing the ideal finish to your house.