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Top Tips for Winning Photos!

16 Nov 2023

Top Tips for Winning Photos!

One of our favourite things about Modern, is that we get to help people create their dream homes and we want to celebrate it! If you have a Modern product you love and want to show off, our new competition is for you!

Take a photo of your Modern product and upload it to Facebook for your chance to win $500 cash and $100 for your installer… best photo wins!

These days, the cameras on our phones are good enough to help us take great photos without the need for any expertise. However, if you’re looking for some extra hits to help get an edge on the competition, here are our top photography tips!

Good lighting

Make sure your Modern product is in good lighting to help it look its best! The best lighting for outdoor photography is between 7am-3pm.


Whether you are using your phone or camera, making sure your Modern product is in focus will ensure that it is a clear, clean photo without any blur! You can set the focus by gently tapping what you want to be the feature of the image.

Adjust exposure

If you can’t get the best light using the sun, you can always fake it! Adjust the exposure level on your phone or camera to increase or decrease the amount of light entering the lens. This can also be edited post shot.

If you are in the shade, experiment with flash.

Although not always necessary, flash can help light up your image and highlight your Modern Product. For a phone, flash is best used within a few feet of the product but some larger cameras can be much more powerful.

We cannot wait to see everyone’s photos! If you have any questions about the competition please don’t hesitate to contact us via Facebook, good luck!



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