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Make Sure You’re Covered by your Insurance this Storm Season

16 Nov 2023

Make Sure You’re Covered by your Insurance this Storm Season

From droughts to floods, fires and cyclones, Australian weather can be unforgiving.

Australians know the importance of having insurance on their homes to protect themselves and their properties from the trials and tests of our weather systems.

Your home insurance should make you feel confident that if the worst were to happen, you are protected because the last thing you need to deal with during hard times is a disagreement with your insurance company.

Depending on your level of cover, there are responsibilities you have as a homeowner to ensure your house is in its good condition to avoid any unnecessary damages. A common problem for homeowners is having Insurance claims regarding roofing dismissed by insurance companies because there has been a lack of maintenance carried out on the roof.

The bad news is, insurance won’t cover any issues related to rusty roofing or gutters, blocked gutters, leaves and debris on the roof or blocked flashings. The good news is these are all preventable issues that can be easily assessed and fixed by trusted roofing experts.

Modern Group offers many different roofing services that cater to lots of different problems including roof cleaning, coating, replacing, restoration as well as guttering and downpipe services.

At the moment, Modern is offering 50% off Gutter replacement with any full roof restoration which makes it the perfect time to get your roof ready for this year’s storm season!
Ts&C’s apply visit for more information. For a free consultation, please contact your local service team on 13 11 78!



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