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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our FAQ’s to gain insights into our offerings, pricing, installation processes, maintenance tips, and more. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable team. We’re here to assist you every step of the way.


You can reach out to our customer support team through our website or by calling our helpline at 131178. We’re here to help!

Yes, we provide professional installation services for all our products, ensuring they’re properly set up for optimal performance and longevity.

Absolutely! You can easily request a free quote on our website by providing some basic information about your requirements. Our team will get back to you with a customized quote.

Yes, we take pride in manufacturing premium-quality products right here in Australia. Our commitment to local craftsmanship ensures you get the best.

Yes, we provide warranties for our products to give you peace of mind. The specific warranty details vary depending on the product; please refer to each product page for more information.


If your manual roller shutters are not functioning smoothly, you can try lubricating the tracks with a silicone-based lubricant. Avoid using oil-based products to prevent damage.

While professional installation is recommended for optimal results, if you’re experienced with DIY projects, you can attempt installation. However, keep in mind that improper installation may affect performance.

To clean outdoor blinds, gently wipe them with a mild soapy solution and a soft cloth. Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals that could damage the fabric.

Our roller shutters are designed with safety in mind, but it’s essential to keep cords and chains out of reach of children and pets. Consider opting for motorized options to eliminate cords altogether.

Yes, routine maintenance can help extend the life of your roller shutters. Clean the tracks, inspect for any loose parts, and ensure proper lubrication for smooth operation.

Roller Shutters:

The cost of roller shutters varies depending on factors such as type, fits, and how it operates. For accurate pricing, request a free quote tailored to your needs.

Yes, roller shutters provide insulation against noise, reducing external sounds and creating a quieter indoor environment.

Absolutely. Roller shutters add an extra layer of security to your home, deterring intruders and protecting your property.

In many cases, manual roller shutters can be retrofitted with motorized systems. Contact us to discuss options for upgrading your shutters for added convenience.

If your manual roller shutters are not closing properly, check for any obstructions in the tracks or damage to the slats. If the issue persists, contact our support team for assistance.

Yes, roller shutters provide insulation that can help regulate indoor temperatures, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling and potentially lowering energy costs.

Plantation Shutters:

Plantation shutter costs can vary based on factors like material, size, and installation. To get an accurate quote, submit a request with your specifications.

Yes, plantation shutters offer excellent light control. You can adjust the palette to regulate the amount of light entering your space.

To clean plantation shutters, use a soft cloth or duster to wipe away dust. For deeper cleaning, lightly dampen the cloth with water or a mild solution.

Yes, we offer a range of customization options, including various colors and finishes for your plantation shutters. Choose the look that complements your home’s aesthetic.

Yes, our plantation shutters are designed to withstand humidity. We offer moisture-resistant materials that make them ideal for bathrooms and other damp environments.

Outdoor Blinds:

The cost of motorized outdoor blinds can vary based on size, material, and features. For personalized pricing, request a quote that meets your requirements.

Yes, our outdoor blinds are designed to be waterproof and durable, making them suitable for various weather conditions.

Our range of outdoor blinds is designed with quality and performance in mind. The best choice depends on your preferences and specific needs.



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