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Solar-roofing; Is this the future of Australian solar?

5 Nov 2023

Solar-roofing; Is this the future of Australian solar?

Roofing, insulation and solar power could be an all-in-one installation in the future. Sounds too good to be true? Australian steel company BlueScope has ambitions on making it happen. BlueScope has its sights on making Australia a world leader in low-cost solar for residential and commercial rooftop design and construction. The project, backed by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) began in June 2012, and took a first step closer to commercial availability with the product successfully installed a decade ago in a home in Glebe. The system, made of thin-film solar PV panels, integrated into the actual roofing tiles. “These first installations are an important step as the technology moves towards commercialisation and cost competitiveness with conventional rooftop PV,” states Ivor Frischknecht of ARENA. BlueScope then suggested that the next major advance in solar roofing systems would be commercially viable available products for residential and commercial projects. Fast forward 10 years from the early solar installations to solar panels, now a commercially viable option for thousands of Australian homeowners who enjoy the benefits of eco-friendly cost-efficient solar energy as a way of life.

Taking solar energy to the next level

Modern Group has installed solar panels in thousands of homes across Australia over many years, being one of the country’s leading solar panel installers. Modern is an Australian company with 40+ years of experience in home improvement and only installs solar systems and solar inverters from top-tier brands.
With a move by many homeowners to more energy efficient eco-friendly choices compounded by conventional energy usage costs increasing, solar panel systems are becoming increasingly popular in Australia. High household interest coupled with technology development in renewable energy has given rise to numerous solar system options. These include traditional solar panels and solar roof shingles made of poly-or monocrystalline cells for an existing roof as well as building integrated photovoltaics (bipv) as part of the roof for a new build.

What are solar panel tiles and how much do they cost in Australia?

A solar PV system is photovoltaic (PV) technology whereby PV materials and devices convert natural sunlight into electrical energy. Interestingly, even overcast conditions can provide optimal solar generation since panels generate electricity from light (UV rays), not heat. With a decrease in costs of regular solar panels and increasing costs of conventional energy and gas in recent years, more and more Australian homeowners are turning to, and enjoying, the advantages of high efficiency solar panels. Another cost benefit is the Australian Federal Solar Rebate (STC) scheme for a solar PV system discount where customers can save up to $500 per kilowatt of energy from installed solar panels. This means a 6.6 kW system will attract $3,300 in rebates. For most Australian homes, the recoupment period for solar PV systems can range between 4 and 8 years depending on an individual household’s electricity consumption and rebates.To find out more about Moderns’ solar panels and installation costs, as well as to learn more about the Australian Government’s solar rebate scheme, get in touch with the Modern team.

How solar roof tiles work

Australia has ideal weather conditions for solar energy use. And Australian homeowners know it—with 1 in 4 households having solar panels on their roof (Clean Energy Regulator, 2020). Solar systems generate electricity from UV light (not heat) by way of solar cells in solar panels placed in arrays. This solar system combines energy storage and energy output to deliver zero greenhouse gas emission solar power to homes and businesses. These systems can be stand-alone or connected to the grid, with or without battery storage. When the sun is not shining (i.e. at night or during prolonged cloudy periods), backup power will be needed, which can be provided by the main electricity grid, batteries or a generator.

Advantages of solar roof tiles

There are many advantages of installing quality solar roof tiles, as detailed below. Cost savings in the long-run by reducing or eliminating your energy bill: A well-installed, high-quality solar PV panel system can help reduce your energy bill significantly. Protect yourself from energy price increases: In general, the average Australian electricity bill increases by about $100 every year. This means that by installing a Modern solar panel PV system, homeowners are less affected by rising electricity and gas prices. Eco-friendly: Electricity generation is Australia’s leading carbon emitter. In contrast, solar energy electricity generation is environmentally friendly because of its zero carbon emission.

Affordable & environmentally-friendly roofing options

At Modern, we pride ourselves on fair and competitive prices and high-quality installation on your metal roof, shingle roof, or tile roof with quality products, trusted brands, and superior workmanship—to last for years and increase your home’s value. We also offer finance options which include interest-free, no-deposit finance for a range of roofing needs, repair, services and energy efficient solutions. Besides our affordable roofing options and services—for established homes and new build roof installation—because solar panels reduce energy bills in the long run, more and more homeowners are choosing energy efficient home products because of their long-term cost benefit. Make contact with our team for an obligation-free quote.

Looking for solar roof tile professionals near you? We have you covered.

If you’re considering solar technology, be wary of low-grade brands and poor-quality solar panels—which will only cost you more in the long-term. Rely on a trusted Australian name with decades of experience. Modern only install top-tier brands of the highest quality. All our solar panels are tested by independent laboratories to ensure maximum efficiency and minimal degradation (Potential Induced Degradation; PID). Our photovoltaic rooftop solar PV systems are built and designed to withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions, tested to last longer and perform better for optimal energy efficiency. Besides a quality solar PV panel system, the solar installation process is just as important. As a trusted roofing company, Modern Group’s approved installers deliver systems designed for long-lasting, optimised solar panel performance. In addition, for homeowners’ peace of mind, Moderns’ installers are Clean Energy Council approved. So whether you’re looking to reduce your energy bills or minimise your home’s impact on the environment or if you’ve been searching for a solar PV company that will do the job right, choose a name thousands of Australian homeowners trust. Our solar panel systems typically last 25 years or longer and our marine-grade aluminium base rails have a 10-year warranty. For industry-leading quality solar panel technology, superior workmanship, solar installation and service, peace-of-mind warranties as well as fair prices and finance options, make contact with Modern. Over and above solar panel solutions, Modern also offers a trusted range of high quality window coverings including roller shutters, plantation shutters, outdoor blinds, and external louvre shutters. As a roofing company, we also offer specialised and extensive roofing services, which includes new roof installation and roof repair and restoration, using only the best quality roofing materials and experienced roofers. With over 40 years of experience, our team is here to help make enhancing your home and way of life easy and enjoyable.


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