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Increase Your Home’s Value with Roller Shutters

High quality window treatments can add warmth and character to your home. Roller shutters are a popular choice by homeowners across Australia because of their daily lifestyle benefits while adding long-term value to a home.

If you’re looking for the best window treatments for your home, here are some useful things to know about roller shutters.

Roller shutters increase safety and home security

For new home buyers and any homeowner, family safety and home security is always a concern. High quality rolling shutters are an effective way to protect your home by being a visual deterrent for burglars and a physical block to entering windows and doors. For additional peace of mind, Modern roller shutters are manufactured from high-grade, architectural quality extruded aluminium — and backed by warranties.

Roller shutters increase the privacy of your home

Roller shutters allow you to block out neighbourhood noise and prying passersby. This daily benefit adds appeal for potential buyers if you decide to sell your home. Roller shutters also offer flexibility with perforation holes which can be kept open so you can allow light inside without others seeing in.

Roller shutters offer protection from weather conditions

Australia is known for its extremely hot summers, cold winters, periods of intense storms and bushfires. During extreme weather conditions, windows can easily shatter or break with homes more susceptible to damage. Roller shutters can be shut quickly — either manually or with a touch of a button — to completely protect your home’s windows and glass doors. Modern also offers Australian bushfire-rated shutters for extra protection for homes in bushfire-prone areas.

Roller shutters reduce noise and provide light control

If you live in a busy area, some types of window treatments can help to reduce neighbourhood noise from traffic, neighbours and suburban animals. Roller shutters do all this and also offer light control, providing shade during sweltering weather, blocking out the sun’s UV rays. Besides a more comfortable environment to live in, roller shutters also protect the contents of your home from harmful UV ray sun damage.

Roller shutters are energy efficient and reduce overall energy costs

Roller shutters reduce the need for heating and air-conditioning systems. High quality roller shutters are insulative which means they effectively keep heat out in summer and retain indoor warmth in winter. As an energy efficient window covering, you can enjoy all-year weather comfort and savings on your energy bills irrespective of the weather conditions.

Roller shutters add curb appeal to your home

Modern roller shutters are available in a range of colours to suit your personalised style and taste. Our range is streamlined and roll up into an exterior secure headbox affixed to the outside top of your window. As a neat external structure, roller shutters increase curb appeal and will add to the value of your home.

Why choose Modern roller shutters?

Whether you wish to enhance your property, add to home security, increase privacy, or save money on energy bills, roller shutters offer many benefits catering to varied lifestyles.

The Modern Group are specialists in home improvement with over 40 years’ experience. Servicing Australian homeowners from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to Perth, Adelaide and Launceston, we pride ourselves on consistently providing high quality products, trusted services and reliable delivery.

Our roller shutters are secure, functional, sleek and stylish, built to last and made from the highest quality materials. Some of the many benefits include increased privacy, reduced noise, as well as protection from break-ins, burglars and extreme weather. Roller shutters also reduce electricity bills because of their insulative ability. All this means increased peace of mind and decreased cost of living for the long run.

Besides our selection of colours and designs to choose from, our roller shutters are available in a range of operating systems which include:

Manual – Manual roller shutters can be opened and closed through a smooth and effortless motion by using the handles provided, then locking into place.

Electric – Electric roller shutters are available in a range of remote-control options, providing both convenience and efficiency for the whole family.

Battery-operated – Modern’s SmartDrive System gives you complete control with the click of a button, and at a price comparable to a manual winder system.

Make contact for a free measure and free quote

Whether you’re upgrading your home with renovations for prospective buyers as a selling point, or making lasting improvements to add to your lifestyle and living comfort, our roller shutters are the perfect low-maintenance solution for windows and doors.

Make contact with the friendly team at Modern to learn more about window roller shutters and our range of quality window furnishings which also includes plantation shutters, outdoor blinds and external louvre shutters. We have teams across Australia including NSW, QLD, VIC, WA, SA, and TAS who can visit your home, discuss your lifestyle needs, and provide a no-obligation free measure and free quote. From an initial consultation to professional installation to warranties, we’re a name thousands of Australians trust for home improvements. Make contact today, we’re here to help.



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