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10 Quick Tips: How to Clean Roller Shutters & Other Useful Things to Know

Thinking about having shutters fitted in your home? Then consider window roller shutters. Streamlined and low-maintenance roller shutters are a popular choice for Australian homes because of their many benefits. They’re highly durable and are easy to clean, made from aluminium metal slats that roll up neatly into a secure headbox pelmet fitted above doors and windows. Not only do high-quality roller shutters protect your home from the weather but they also provide more security and add value to your home for the long term.

Benefits of Roller Shutters

Window roller shutters are a top choice by Australian homeowners because of their many long-term benefits. These include easy care, low maintenance, increased security, improved insulation, light control and durability. We’ve put together our top 10 points about roller shutters as useful tips in considering your window furnishing options. For more information, enquire online or get in touch for a free measure and free quote.

1. Easy to maintain and clean roller shutters

One of the many reasons homeowners choose roller shutters is because of the easy cleaning process — it’s easy to keep roller shutters looking brand new for years with very little effort. Before you begin cleaning, ensure your roller shutters are completely rolled down.

To clean the outside of your roller shutters, simply hose with a down motion and side-to-side with low water pressure. For embedded dirt, you can wipe with clean water, mild detergent and a damp cloth. Depending on the grime build-up, you can use non-abrasive cleaners, a soft cloth and warm water. When you need to get in between the individual slats, a soft-bristled brush and soapy water can help remove grime build-up. Dish soap can also be used but avoid steel wool or abrasive cleaning solvents as these can damage the surface of your roller shutters. Also, avoid a high-pressure hose as this can damage the slats.

To clean the inside surface of your roller shutters, you can use a microfiber or dry cloth for a quick wipe-down to remove dust and water from the external clean. Although roller shutters do not need cleaning often, a regular cleaning with a moderate-pressure garden hose will keep the outside surface of your roller shutters looking brand new for the long term. Once hosed down, your roller shutters can air dry or you can wipe away any watermarks with a dry cloth.

2. Roller shutters are long-lasting

What makes roller shutters a top choice is that they’re both low-maintenance and long-lasting window furnishings. High-quality roller shutters are made from durable materials like steel and aluminium. This means that high-quality roller shutters are resilient and will be able to withstand all types of weather conditions without warping.

3. Improve home security

Another reason to choose roller shutters is that they provide an extra layer of security for your home. Roller shutters have a locking system and act as a barrier to intruders and deter break-ins — thieves look for homes with easy access, and when they see shutters, they’re put off. This means that roller shutters, in a similar way to security doors, act as a deterrent for home intrusion.

4. Enjoy temperature control

Quality roller shutters have insulated slats. Roller shutters are effective in stopping heat from escaping your home in winter and can stop heat from entering your home in summer. This means your home is kept at a comfortable temperature all year round while you save money on energy bills.

5. Easily control light

With roller shutters, you can control how much light enters a room. If you need complete darkness you can close the shutters completely. This is a great option for people who work at night and sleep during the day. If you want bright light or anything in between just roll your shutters until it looks right. Adjust as you wish based on your family’s needs.

6. Noise reduction

Roller shutters don’t only offer light control but sound control too. Quality roller shutters can reduce noise from traffic, neighbours, animals, aeroplanes and more.

7. Weather protection

Roller shutters add protection against all types of weather conditions from hot sunny weather to stormy weather, wind, rain and hailstones. Quality roller shutters that are professionally installed will not rattle during high wind and can help to protect your home from trees and storm debris.

8. Bushfire and fire protection

Bushfires are a common problem in Australia and other hot climates. Roller shutters can help to protect your home from bushfires and other fires. A bushfire-rated roller shutter can act as a barrier and protect your home against heat and ash. Your windows can also be saved as fires can shatter the glass. For quick operation, electric roller shutters are also a consideration for bushfire-prone homes.

9. Stylish design

Roller shutters are available in a variety of colours to suit the design of your home and your personal style preference. Today’s quality roller shutters are streamlined and fit neatly into a secure headbox pelmet above a window or door, keeping your view completely unobstructed in the up position. And because roller shutters are installed on the outside of your home, they don’t take up space on the inside of a room.

10. Add value to your home

As a permanent window fixture, quality roller shutters add value to your home. Because roller shutters have many benefits, if you decide to sell your house, roller shutters can give your home the edge in the property market and add to a list of reasons to buy.

How Modern can help: from a free measure to professional installation

Modern can help advise on the right roller shutters for your home and lifestyle. We offer a free on-site consultation, a no-obligation free measure and a free quote. We also offer professional installation. Enquire online or get in touch with your local Modern expert team about our step-by-step process, from free consultation to installing roller shutters and warranties. Our other window treatments include outdoor blinds, plantation shutters, and external louvre shutters. We have specialised teams across Australia including PerthSydneyMelbourneAdelaideBrisbane and more. Our service, installation and delivery are professional, fast and reliable. All our roller shutters are secure and easy to operate, backed by warranties. Enquire with Modern today about our roller shutters and how they can benefit your home.



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