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Block Out the Heat this Summer with Roller Shutters

22 Jan 2023

Block Out the Heat this Summer with Roller Shutters

Sweltering sweat-inducing summer is here. Like most Australians, you’re probably spending a lot more time outdoors in as little clothing as legally possible. And when it’s time to step back inside your home, it’s usually so hot that a late-night trip to the cinema seems like a good idea.

If you’re trying to give the air conditioning a break but lacking cool-down inspiration, we have some fresh tips and tricks to help you beat the summer heat.

Quick Fixes

Cool sheets

If you’ve left it too late in the day to be able to properly cool your home, the old frozen sheets idea may do the trick. Put your sheets in the freezer a few minutes before you go to bed to help your body cool down. This will make it easier to fall asleep. And don’t forget to place your sheets in a bag before putting them in the freezer to avoid getting ice, water or food on them.

A water bottle

Besides sheets in the freezer, ice-cold water bottles can also help to cool things down. Fill a water bottle with cold water and pop it into the freezer for a few hours. Once the water is frozen you can put the water bottle between your sheets to cool your bed down. To reduce condensation and drops of water on the bottle through the night, wrap it in a towel and you’re good to go (to sleep!).

Fans on & heat out

Put unused fans to good use. Open a window and point the fan outwards to help push hot air out of the room. You can also put a tray of cold water with ice in it in front of a fan, facing inwards. This will turn the air colder as the fan blows on you.


Staying hydrated is an easy way to help stay cooler. Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day while staying away from coffee or energy drinks that contain caffeine. Drinks containing caffeine dehydrate you and make you feel thirsty. Drinking water through summer is a healthy way to help keep cool.

An Effortless Long-Term Solution

Keep summer heat out with heat-blocking window treatments

If you’re looking for a long-term, low-effort UV ray-busting solution, then look no further than heat-blocking window treatments like external roller shutters. Homeowners across Australia choose high-quality roller shutters for their many benefits.

With insulated slats, high-quality roller shutters keep harmful UV rays and summer heat out. And it’s not just heat gain. In cold winter months, roller shutters are also energy efficient by reducing heat loss through windows and sliding doors. Roller shutters substantially reduce energy bills with less reliance on air conditioning.

Besides controlling heat transfer in and out of your home, another reason Australian homes love exterior roller shutters is that they’re neatly fitted on the outside of your home in a secure headbox above a window frame. This means they don’t take up space inside a window frame like other window blinds i.e. Venetian blinds, vertical blinds and Roman blinds take up space on the inside of your window frame.

Roller shutters are also popular window treatments because they’re low maintenance. Because they’re fitted on the outside of your home, simply hose down regularly or wipe down with a cloth and mild soapy water. It’s much easier to keep roller shutters looking like new for years. Unlike blockout blinds, blockout fabrics, heavy curtains and other window shades like pleated honeycomb blinds and honeycomb shades — these are more difficult to keep dust-free and looking like new.

Roller shutters vs roller blinds: What are the best window coverings?

If you’re wondering if roller shutters are the same as roller blinds, they’re not. Here are some key differences.

Roller shutters are external window coverings fitted above a window or door, on the outside of your home. With insulated aluminium slats, quality roller shutters are low maintenance and built to protect your home from intruders, and extreme weather, control heat transfer and reduce light and noise.

While roller blinds are also window coverings, they’re fitted on the inside of your home. Even though they can keep your home cool to some extent, they’re not as energy efficient as roller shutters because roller blinds are generally made from fabric and don’t insulate from heat loss or heat gain in the same way as insulating aluminium roller shutters.

Looking for the best blinds to block out heat and to blackout light? Contact Modern.

For these many reasons, roller shutters will soon become your best friend during hot summer months as highly effective window treatments that block out the sun’s UV rays and keep your home cool. Lower your roller shutters in the morning and you’ll notice the difference throughout the day, or at the end of the day, when you return to a cooler, climate-controlled and more comfortable home. Besides natural light and heat block out, you’ll also notice the difference in your energy bills because aluminium roller shutters offer significant insulation as highly durable window shades. If you don’t already have roller shutters, Modern can help.

Our team have been helping Australian homes stay cool for over 25 years! Call 13 11 78 today to arrange a free measure and quote. We’ve been providing the best window covering solutions across Australia for decades. We’re a local name you can trust to deliver exceptional service, fast and reliable delivery, professional installation and quality products backed by warranties.

Besides roller shutters, our extensive range of quality heat and light control window coverings includes plantation shutters, outdoor blinds and external louvre shutters. With locations across Australia, make contact to find out more about our range and to discuss your lifestyle needs.



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