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Why You Should Team Your Plantation Shutters With Curtains

9 Feb 2023

Why You Should Team Your Plantation Shutters With Curtains

Lounge room plantation shutters – perfect for coupling with curtains!

We all know how stunning and timeless plantation shutters look in any home. Favoured among coastal areas, plantation shutters provide the maximum amount of light and air control for any room. There are many homeowners who choose not to install plantation shutters due to the fact that they can’t give up their love for blinds and curtains.

But, why should you?

Plantation shutters and blinds and curtains can be teamed up to make the perfect window treatment. Not sure how? The experts at Modern have come up with some great reasons why the two go together perfectly.

  1. They Finish off The Room

Plantation shutters look amazing on their own, but team them up with blinds and curtains to really help bring your room together and finish it off. This combination gives a tailored and cosy look to the room. You will find your living space becomes a lot more inviting, especially during the winter months.

  1. Play Around With Colours

Using blinds and curtains allows you to add colour to your room without losing the benefits that shutters provide. Your curtains don’t need to be functioning, two panels of material either side of the window frame will give you the colour boost you’ve been missing.

  1. They Add Another Layer of Privacy

Pair your shutters with a heavy drape to create another level of privacy and darkness. While plantation shutters do a great job of light control, adding a drape over the top will give you another layer of darkness. This also helps make the room feel a lot cosier in cooler months.

  1. Add Height to Your Room

Using a curtain rod to mount your curtains higher and wider than your window will give the illusion that your ceilings are higher than they actually are. This works because it makes your window look bigger and wider than it really is. Many experts agree that mounting the rod 6 inches higher than your window frame is the perfect height.

  1. Use Tiebacks

If you have a room that is more formal or if you are after a more tailored look, use tiebacks. The use of tiebacks will pull the curtain material back for a tailored and sophisticated look. Tiebacks are also a great way to help keep any fabric from getting caught in your plantation shutters.

Deciding on plantation shutters with curtains or plantation shutters without curtains

If you’re considering plantation shutters with or without curtains, the answer lies in the decor look you’re after and your room design. High quality plantation shutters on their own are functional, durable and beautiful. Not only do plantation shutters block out sunlight, they’re also low maintenance window furnishings that look like new for years (compared to Roman blinds, Venetian blinds and roller blinds!). But layering new curtains with plantation shutters can also be highly effective in creating a style statement or interior design theme.

Plantation shutters are loved by Australians because of their versatility. Depending on your style and decor and window and room size, you can choose customised bifold, sliding, stacked or hinged fixtures.

Tips to pair plantation shutters with curtains

When pairing plantation shutters and curtains, the general rule is to mount the curtains upwards and outwards. Here’s what we mean:

  • Place the curtain rod high above the plantation shutters. This give a sense of visual height.
  • The curtain rod should also extend a fair amount to either side of the plantation shutters so that when open, your curtains drape over the walls and not over your shutters and windows.
  • Also take care in choosing your curtain design to enhance, not detract from your plantation shutters. Windows with sheer curtains can also work well with plantation shutters because the plantation shutters work to block out light which means the curtains don’t need to! Well-chosen curtains—whether heavier or sheer—can soften a room’s look and add an inviting layer of subtle elegance.

How to create the perfect look with plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are a timeless and elegant feature that enhances a room and adds value to your home. In choosing plantation shutters, there are a few key things to consider.

  • Consider your budget: This is a starting point that will guide your decision-making. The material of the shutters, window size and the quality of the shutters will all impact the cost. Plantation shutters can be made from wood (including basswood and poplar), varying quality plastic (such as PvC), or Insulite, a premium dense polymer that looks and feels like real timber. PvC and plastic shutters are less expensive compared to wood shutters which can be costly. Insulite is a popular alternative because it gives the impression of real wood but doesn’t cost as much.
  • Consider the finish you want: Plantation shutters are available in white and give a fresh coastal feel to any room.
  • Consider your decor: Choose what will enhance your room and choose what you love!

So don’t let your love of curtains, blinds and plantation shutters make you choose one over the other. Enjoy the best of both worlds and pair the two together for a look you will absolutely love. To enquire about plantation shutters contact Modern for a free measure and quote!

Why choose Modern plantation shutters?

Engineered to last and with exceptional workmanship, all our plantation shutters also come with a 5 year warranty backed by the Modern name. Because plantation shutters need to fit perfectly, ours are quality products custom made for your home. Our plantation shutters are also water resistant which makes them perfect for wet areas like bathrooms, laundries and kitchens.

For all your window covering needs, make contact with our friendly team for expert advice and a free consultation and free quote. Modern have been adding value to Australian homes for decades with our extensive range of window shutters, quality products and roof repair services. We have branch locations across Australia, including MelbourneSydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Newcastle, Central Coast, Canberra and Launceston.

Besides plantation shutters, our trusted range of high quality window coverings includes roller shutters, outdoor blinds, and external louvre shutters. We also offer specialised and extensive roofing services. With over 40 years of experience, our experienced team is here to help make choosing the best window covering for your home easy and enjoyable.



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