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Homeowners across Australia love our timeless and stylish range of plantation shutters because they are functional, low maintenance and add elegance to every indoor living space. Make contact to find out more about the cost of our plantation shutters, including our custom Insulite range that looks and feels like real timber.

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Modern have installed plantation shutters in thousands of homes over a decade

We’re a leading plantation shutter manufacturer and installer, enhancing homes for more than 40 years. The reasons why thousands of Australian homeowners choose our plantation shutters is because our locally manufactured Insulite plantation shutters look beautiful, last longer, perform better and are moisture resistant. All this, means our plantation shutters are built to last for years of effortless enjoyment. Check out our Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane options.

Why Modern Plantation Shutters

Superior functionality

Modern’s plantation shutters offer a choice of Cleartilt or hidden tilt rod system. This means no visible control tilt rods which reduces the inconvenience of ongoing broken parts in other shutters. Our aluminum core blades make Modern’s internal plantations strong & more durable.

Moisture resistant

All our plantation shutters are water and moisture resistant. This makes our plantation window shutters ideal for any room in your home, including bathroom, kitchen and laundry.

Excellent insulation

Another reason our plantation shutters are such popular window coverings is because they provide excellent insulation. Our plantation shutters can greatly reduce on energy costs.


Made from non-toxic materials, our plantation shutters are highly fire retardant and require up to 3 times more heat to ignite than vinyl or wood shutters.

Why our customers install plantation shutters

Why Modern


Australian owned & made

Modern are Australian owned which means you can have peace of mind in our high quality Australian-made products backed by trusted warranties, and enjoy faster and more reliable delivery.


Superior workmanship

Because our products are designed and made in Australia, they’re manufactured to withstand harsh Australian conditions. This means our plantation shutters last longer and work better.


Industry-leading value

Modern’s plantation shutters are crafted with quality and style in mind. This means they’ll make your home look beautiful for many years, as a convenient low maintenance window treatment.


Free on-site visit & expert advice

Give us a call or enquire online to arrange a FREE consultation. We offer a free measure and free quote, as well as expert advice.

Plantation shutter costs FAQs

Is it worth getting plantation shutters?

There are many reasons why thousands of our customers justify the upfront cost of plantation shutters. Our plantation shutters are built to last. This means you won’t need to worry about replacement or maintenance for years. Plantation shutters add style and are a popular choice for interior shutters for an entire home—often a top choice for renovations. There’s also functionality. Plantation shutters provide airflow and sun blockout simply by tilting the louvres. Plantation shutters are also incredibly versatile. A recent independent review rated our shutters 55% cooling efficiency. Because our plantation shutters are moisture resistant, you can install them in your entire home, including wet areas like bathrooms and laundry.

How much does it cost to put up shutters?

This depends on the square metre size of your windows, and number of windows. Depending on your home plan, window size and area, you can choose customised sliding, stacked or bi-fold shutters to enhance your home interior, adding value to your property. So the price is variable depending on your specific requirements. Enquire online or give us a call to find out more about our plantation shutters price, whether for your entire home or a single bay window.

Are plantation shutters more expensive?

In general plantation shutters are considered more expensive than some window coverings but for good reason. Compared to some alternative window coverings, plantation shutters are much easier to maintain, timeless and stylish fixtures that add value to your home. Plantation shutters also insulate your home which means you’ll enjoy energy savings. Because plantation shutters add value to your home, many homeowners install plantation shutters before selling their property. Plantation shutters are also a popular décor choice for renovations.

How much do plantation shutters cost?

Plantation shutters price depends on a number of factors which include:

Shutter material: Plantation shutters can be made from different types of wood (including basswood and poplar), or made of plastic (such as PVC shutters) of different qualities, or Insulite (a premium dense polymer that looks and feels like real timber).

Square metre size: The size and amount of windows impact the quantity and will determine how many materials and hours are needed for the job.

Quality: Plastic and PVC plantation shutters are less expensive. Wood, like timber plantation shutters, can get costly fast. Insulite looks like real wood but doesn’t cost as much.

Our range of options are made from non-toxic and recycled products, so they’re more economical and environmentally friendly than expensive hardwood alternatives. Of course, other companies charge a lot more, and some charge a lot less- while we can’t speak for their products because we make ours locally, rest assured you’re getting a premium product for less. We know how important it is for our customers to feel confident about their home improvement purchases. 

What is the best type of shutter for a person's needs?

Every person has different needs and every homeowner has a different idea of beauty and functionality. If your window covering needs are versatility, functionality, style, beauty, insulation, airflow, energy savings, and moisture resistant, then plantation shutters may be a perfect choice for your needs. Plantation shutters are also a popular choice by homeowners doing renovations looking to add value to their home. Plantation shutters suit all aspects of a home from your living room to a sliding door.

How do you measure the size of plantation shutters? Should you DIY?

Because plantation shutters are custom made and long-term fixtures in your home they require a perfect fit. This means it’s best to not DIY in terms of measuring window size nor installation.  Poorly fitted plantation shutters will greatly affect the longevity of the product, require continual maintenance and won’t produce the desired aethestic.

What are plantation window shutter installation costs?

For precise fitment and long-term use and enjoyment of your plantation interior shutters, it’s best to opt for specialised and professional installation. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to window coverings nor an average cost, whether for standard windows, bay windows or an entire home. Make contact with Modern to discuss your precise needs and to find out about the cost of plantation shutters as well as our professional installation costs. All our shutters are measure twice prior to manufacturing & fitting.

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Wherever you are in Australia, we have a window covering solution to enhance your lifestyle and add value to your home. Our extensive range of shutters includes plantation shutters, roller shutters, external louvre aluminium shutters, and outdoor blinds. To find out more or to arrange a free measure and quote make contact today. You can also visit your nearest Modern showroom with teams across Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Central Coast, Adelaide, Launceston, and Perth.

Our range of quality products are made in Australia, engineered for Australia’s weather conditions, and backed by trusted warranties. Our service excellence, professional installation, and specialised workmanship add to the many reasons why we’ve been around for more than 40 years, offering quality products and peace of mind.

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We’ve improved over half a million Australian homes. Chances are, you’ve seen our plantation shutters in action already.

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The Modern Warranty

Our warranties are secured against a company that has been around for 40 years and will be around for many more. When you buy Modern products you have peace of mind knowing that Modern will still be here to honour your claim – unlike many of our competitors.

Better looking, longer lasting plantation shutters

Enhance your home and enjoy shade, privacy and insulation with our range of high quality and stylish plantation shutters. To find out more about price and the cost of installation, make contact with our specialised team for a no-obligation free measure and free quote. 

Choose a name thousands of Australians trust for plantation shutters. Make it Modern.

Whether you’re renovating or just replacing your blinds, choose quality and workmanship and get the best of the best – Modern plantation shutters. They’re stylish, functional, affordable and made right here in Australia.

Choose a name you can trust – Australia’s leading manufacturers and installers of plantation shutters. If you’re thinking about new shutters, make it Modern.

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