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Factors To Consider If You Are Planning To Replace Your Roof

16 Nov 2023

Factors To Consider If You Are Planning To Replace Your Roof

As the structure covering the top of your house, the roof protects the entirety of the building against rain, sunlight and the extremes of temperatures. A cosy and leak-free home is highly dependent on the state of the roof, which is why the maintenance of this structure is very crucial for your well-being.

Many variables can affect the durability and dependability of your roof. Most of the time, repairs are needed for its preservation, but you might also wonder if you need a complete overhaul and a roof replacement. This can be tricky; luckily, there are some factors that you should consider if you are planning to replace your roof:

Age of the Roof

If your roof hasn’t been touched in quite a number of years, a roof replacement service might be the right choice. A roof may have hidden issues even if it looks good. Speaking to a roofing expert will be able to determine if your roof is in need of a complete replacement or if other options are available to you.


Sometimes entire shingles can go missing from your roof. Though inevitable, this can be easily solved by patching up the roof. It’s more difficult to find shingles that would match the colour of an old one. When too many have been missing and your roof looks more like a disoriented checkerboard, you might want to consider a roof replacement.

The condition of the shingles should also be checked. Older roofs may have shingles that start curling or cupping (when the edges turn up or when the middle section rises up), or simply start to crack. This could also be due to extreme weather or other roofing issues but are all signs that it’s time to seek some expert advice.

Sunlight and Water Leaks

If sunlight can pass through parts of the roof, so can rain, cold air, and snow. Even a small hole or gap can weaken the whole structural integrity of the roofing system as it can dampen the underlying decking of the roof when the rain comes. These small leaks can be patched, but larger structural damages may need a professional roofing services provider. It’s also important to keep in mind that these small patch jobs can be expensive and add up over time, so in some cases, a full roof replacement would be a better alternative.

Another sign of a leak is the appearance of dark stains on the ceiling and walls. Mysterious dripping sounds coming from the ceiling is also a sign of damage. Lastly, it is worth taking note that animals such as birds, bats, and possums may take advantage of the gaps in your roof.


Flashing is an unsung hero of your roof. Most commonly found around the base of your chimney and other corners that might need it, this keeps your roof water-tight. Cement or tar flashing is more vulnerable to water damage, which is why a metal flashing system might be more applicable for you.


A depression in the form of the roof is usually a bad sign. Not only can it cause more trouble when left ignored, but it may also spike up costs of repair. Usually beams in the roof cause this problem, but this may also indicate problems with the supports in the foundation. Remember that this kind of problem is better to take care of as soon as possible.

How Modern Can Help

Modern has been a leader in the home improvement industry for over 40 years, offering relentless high-quality services to Australian homes. Your roof will be no exception. Our glorified team of experts are available for the roofing needs you might have. To learn more about Modern’s roof replacement services, call us today!



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