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Roller Shutters vs Sliding Doors

4 Jan 2023

Roller Shutters vs Sliding Doors

Roller shutters are the perfect window covering solution to provide security and protection from the outside world. Many Australian homeowners choose roller shutters for windows because of their many benefits. But roller shutters aren’t only suited for external windows — they’re also perfect for external doors and sliding glass doors, providing another layer of protection.

Not sure if door roller shutters are right for you? Our experts have come up with 4 great reasons why you should consider roller shutters for your doors.

4 reasons why you should install roller shutters over sliding doors

1. Protection from the elements

Door openings can be a magnet for hail, rain and strong wind. Roller shutters provide protection for glass doors and any doorways susceptible to damage. Australia has experienced extreme weather in recent months with many homes being damaged by large hail and gale-force winds.

Roller shutters are easy to roll down when you need fast and quick protection. Your doors and windows can be fully protected by top-quality roller shutters, saving you money for breakage and repairs. Besides protection from rain and hail, roller shutters also give superior protection from the harsh summer sun.

Glass doors intensify the hot sun as it enters your home, making rooms unpleasant in the summer months. Roller shutters block much of this heat so that you can live more comfortably during the hot months. And in winter, aluminium shutters work well to insulate your home, keeping warmth in. Besides lifestyle comfort, you also get to enjoy reduced energy bills.

2. Protection from intruders

Many modern homes have large glass doors leading to backyard entertaining areas. Large sliding glass doors are a perfect way for intruders to gain easy access to your home. Don’t leave these areas vulnerable — roller shutters are an effective way to protect your home. Many burglars see roller shutters as a deterrent as they are extremely hard to open. For professionally installed high-quality roller shutters, a potential intruder won’t be able to make your shutter budge. This is why DIY is not advisable to install roller shutters.

Professionally installed roller shutters also provide peace of mind for homeowners when away from home for long periods for holidays or work commitments. Leave your home safe and secure while you’re away knowing that your home and belongings are protected.

3. Light and noise reduction

High-quality roller shutters are highly effective window treatments to block out natural light. To completely block out light, roll down your shutters fully. Or stop as you wish to let in as much natural light as desired. In the down position, roller shutters can also reduce noise from neighbours, barking dogs, traffic and extreme weather.

4. Top-quality roller shutters add value to your home

Roller shutters have come a long way from the flimsy steel shutters commonly seen to protect storefronts and homes. Today high quality aluminium shutters add fantastic aesthetic value to your home, through streamlined designs that don’t date. For many home buyers, high-quality professionally installed window treatments that look good, are low maintenance and protect their new home adds to the list of ‘reasons to buy’.

Pros & cons of roller shutters and sliding glass doors, and why they work well together

Sliding doors are different to roller shutters. And it is because of their differences that they work well together, irrespective of your home design and style.

Insulation: A lot of heat is lost or gained through sliding glass doors. High-quality roller shutters are insulating which means that summer heat is kept out and winter warmth is kept in. Besides all-year climate comfort, you can also enjoy lower energy bills with roller shutters installed over glass sliding doors.

Security: Sliding glass doors and windows are vulnerable points that attract break-ins. Roller shutters act as a strong deterrent to burglars in the down position as they completely block entry through a sliding glass door and window.

Home design and style: Sliding glass doors or bi-fold glass doors are a popular choice for homeowners across Australia, from NSW to QLD to WA and SA. Glass doors allow you to enjoy your view. Roller shutters work like roller blinds in that they roll up neatly on top of a window or door with no floor rail needed and no space taken up on the side of the door. But different to roller blinds, top-quality roller shutters are designed for exterior durability and fitted to the exterior of your home. This means that in the up position, roller shutters are completely out of sight. This also makes roller shutters different to wooden shutters, louvre shutters, bi-fold shutters and plantation shutters in that these shutter panels take up space even when open for airflow or stacked on the side of the door. Roller shutters don’t take up any space on the inside of your home.

With a wide range of colours to choose from there’s a roller shutter to suit your home design and style. At Modern, our streamlined roller shutters will enhance your home, perfect for traditional windows and doors, patio doors, sliding doors as well as bi-fold glass doors.

Modern’s MOD55 roller shutters are ideally suited for large windows and sliding doors.

Contact your local Modern team for more information about our extensive window shutter range, professional installation and warranties. Besides high-quality roller shutters, our range also includes plantation shutters, outdoor blinds and louvre outdoor shutters. We have showrooms across Australia in SydneyMelbourneAdelaideBrisbaneCanberraPerth and more. Enquire online about a no-obligation free measure and free quote.



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