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How Roller Shutters Can Reduce Your Cost of Living

17 Jan 2023

How Roller Shutters Can Reduce Your Cost of Living

Roller Shutters help reduce your cost of living

Your home should be your happy place but high energy bills and the increasing cost of living can cause daily stress. To lower your cost of living for the long term while increasing your home’s value, many Australian homeowners consider roller shutters because of their many benefits.

What contributes to the cost of living?

Many people save for years before buying their first property. Purchasing a home is expensive even before paying the bills that come with home ownership. While it’s not always top-of-mind to think about energy costs every time you turn on a light or wash the dishes, these household bills layer on stress for many Australian homeowners. Even though daily habits like taking shorter showers and remembering to turn off lights help, longer-term solutions can significantly contribute to lowering your cost of living as an effortless way of life.


Roller Shutters for your home

How roller shutters can reduce your cost of living

While roller shutters may not immediately spring to mind when you’re thinking of ways to lower your cost of living, they are a great solution to reduce energy bills. High-quality roller shutters offer sturdy construction, effective insulation, and the ability to filter UV rays which makes them a popular choice by Australians to help lower a home’s energy costs.

Provides insulation

Australia’s weather varies and can be extreme. During winter our homes become colder as warmth escapes glass windows and doors. Curtains and roller blinds aren’t able to effectively insulate your home allowing cold weather in through glass windows and doors. In contrast, high-quality roller shutters insulating aluminium slats retain warmth in winter and keep cold air out. Professionally installed high-quality roller shutters provide year-round insulation which reduces energy bills and helps to lower your overall cost of living.

Blocks out heat

Just as roller shutters are able to insulate in winter, they’re also able to block out heat during summer. Australian summers can be unbearable at times, especially in homes that tend to retain heat. High indoor temperatures often result in running fans or installing air conditioning to stay cool all day. Roller shutters effectively block out heat, which means less effort is needed to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. In this way, roller shutters help to keep your energy bills low during what tends to be the most expensive season of the year. For these reasons, many Australian homes choose window roller shutters as a necessity through sweltering summers.

Create an energy barrier

Roller shutters also provide an energy barrier far superior to windows. Roller shutters in the down position can work effortlessly 24 hours a day, lowering your home’s energy bills throughout the day and night.

Offers light control

In addition to temperature control, roller shutters provide the option for total light control. Because of their solid construction, roller shutters can block out light completely. This total light block out not only saves you from needing to buy blackout curtains but also allows less heat entering indoors. In the up position or in a semi-down position, you’re able to let plenty of sunlight in as desired. Light and temperature control will help drastically lower your energy bills all year round while providing you with complete convenience and privacy. And for added convenience, roller shutters are also available in remote control motorised functionality which means touch-of-a-button automation.

Other good reasons Australians choose roller shutters

Besides energy bill savings, many homeowners also choose roller shutters because they function as security doors — completely blocking windows and doors in the down position — which deters break-ins. Roller shutters also reduce neighbourhood noise and increase privacy. For Australian homes in bushfire-prone areas, bushfire-rated roller shutters add another layer of protection – remote control motorised automation is ideal for touch-of-a-button quick response.

Automation or manual: Choosing between electric roller shutters, battery roller shutters or manual operation

To suit your lifestyle needs, roller shutters are available in a range of functionalities. Electric roller shutters offer effortless automation with a motorised touch of a button. Automated roller shutters mean easy movement of your roller shutters with very little effort — very convenient when you’re in a rush. A manual operation is also an option for many Australian homeowners. Manual roller shutters involve a handle where you physically roll down your roller shutter.

How Modern can help

If you’re looking for effective, effortless and long-term ways to lower your cost of living, roller shutters are part of the solution. With expert teams across Australia, Modern can help you choose the shutters that best fit your home and suit your lifestyle. We also offer professional installation. We don’t recommend DIY for roller shutters. DIY often means more repairs and maintenance in the long term.

Modern roller shutters are made with the highest quality materials backed by warranties, so you’ll have complete peace of mind with a 5-year warranty on shutter panels and frame, a 3-year warranty on coating and movement components, a 2-year warranty on T-Series tubular motors, and a 1-year warranty on workmanship and all other fixtures.

Our high-quality rolling shutters are available in a range of colours and are built to last through all seasons and all types of Australian weather conditions. Our installation specialists are professional, reliable and fast, so you’ll have your shutters fitted perfectly in next to no time. With the cost of living top-of-mind, besides energy-efficient solutions and affordable prices, we also offer payment plans through our finance partner Humm.

Over and above our streamlined roller shutters, our extensive product range also includes plantation shutters, outdoor blinds and external louvre shutters.

Contact Modern today to discuss our roller shutters and product range or to arrange a free measure and quote. If you have any other FAQs or are seeking expert advice and the best price on quality products, we’re here to help. We have specialised teams across Australia including MelbourneSydneyBrisbaneAdelaideCanberra and Perth.

Do you already have roller shutters? Have you noticed a difference in your bills?



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