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Improve Your Home Security With Roller Shutters

There’s nothing more important than the safety of your family. When you’re at home, you want to feel secure and have the peace of mind that everyone and everything inside is protected from intruders. Law enforcement officers agree that most break-ins are ‘crimes of opportunity’. This means that the best way to deter the crims, is to make it harder to break into your home than the next one they see. There are a number of ways you can increase the overall security of your home without the need for complex and expensive security systems. Below are some easy everyday ways to help improve home security…

Shut blinds and curtains at night

Seems simple right? If there are some dodgy folk hanging round your neighbourhood, allowing them to look into your home isn’t good. If you have house lights on without anything blocking the view from the street, it’s almost like you’re giving a tour of your place. Not only will they know what you have, they’ll also know where it is.

A good rule of thumb is when you turn on your lights at night, shut blinds and curtains even if it’s still dusk so that opportunist crims don’t get a peek at what’s inside.

Make sure windows are shut properly

Many break-ins are through windows, with crims prying them open even if they have only the smallest sliver of space between them and the wall. Before you go out or go to sleep — unless your windows have reinforced protection (and maybe even so) — make sure all windows are shut securely.



Install outdoor sensor lights

This can be done relatively low cost and purchased at your local hardware store. Motion-sensor lights can be positioned in your garden or at the front of the house and will light up when movement is detected. Not only will this increase your personal safety if you’re outside during the night, but it will also deter crims as they won’t want to be easily spotted.



Keep your garden tidy

If a crim is looking to skate by without being seen, having a well maintained garden will offer less opportunity for them to hide and remain unnoticed. Keeping hedges and shrubs neat and tidy will also reinforce that you’re home and taking care of your house — not on holiday or away for extended periods of time.



Smart Security Cameras

For someone wanting to sneak in, the idea that they could be broadcast straight to your smartphone is an effective deterrent. Smart security cameras have come a long way and today offer 2-way communication and the ability to set off alarms from wherever you are. Many systems come with stickers you can place around windows in your home so it’s known that you are watching.



Install window roller shutters in your Australian home

Roller shutters are a highly effective way to increase your home’s security. Windows are the weakest part of your house and even if shut, can be easily broken into.

High quality roller shutters provide a barrier between the outside world and your windows, making your home much harder to forcibly enter. Roller shutters also provide a visual deterrent that will make burglars think twice before considering breaking in.


What makes roller shutters better than plantation shutters?

When considering window coverings, many homeowners weigh up the pros and cons of roller shutters compared to plantation shutters. Even though Modern’s range of high quality security roller shutters and plantation shutters have some similar benefits — which include superior functionality and workmanship, water resistance, noise reduction, light block out, and excellent insulation —roller shutters have some added benefits over plantation shutters for some of reasons, for the following reasons.

Home security roller shutters

A compelling benefit of high quality roller shutters over plantation shutters is the extra layer of security for your home against break-ins. While plantation shutters are a timeless and stylish window covering with many benefits, plantation shutters won’t deter break-ins nor completely block light through windows and doors.

Bushfire protection roller shutters

Another major reason homeowners choose roller shutters is for bushfire-protection in Australian bushfire prone areas. In contrast, plantation shutters won’t protect your home from bushfires and extreme weather conditions like bushfire roller shutters will.

Optimisation of space

An added reason roller shutters are chosen over plantation shutters is because of space optimisation. Plantation shutters are fitted inside your home and take up space inside or on the side of a window frame or room. Roller shutters are different in this way as they are fitted outside your home on top of your exterior window frame and neatly roll-up out of sight into a secure headbox when needed.

If you are having trouble choosing between the two, why not have both!?

Make contact with Modern for a free measure and quote. We’re in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and more.

Contact your local Modern team to find out more about upgrading your home with window roller shutters — the ultimate home security feature as window coverings and security doors. Enquire online or call us on 13 11 78 to arrange a complimentary in-home consultation and free measure and free quote.

Modern roller shutters are Australian-made, manufactured from high-grade, architectural quality extruded aluminium, designed to last and look like new for years. They’re also easy to clean and are low maintenance. Besides the potential primary use of being security roller shutters, Modern roller shutters are streamlined and look great — available in a range of colours to enhance your home and add value to your property for the long-term. Depending on your preference, you can choose electric roller shutters, battery operated motorised remote control and manual functionality.

Beyond protection from break-ins and bushfires, additional benefits of security roller shutters include increased privacy from neighbours, noise reduction and light block out. Homeowners also choose high quality aluminium roller shutters because of their year-round insulation and weather protection — ideal for Australia’s extreme weather. Quality roller shutters have insulated slats which keep hot air and UV rays out in summer and retain warm air inside during cold winters. And for Australian bushfire-prone homes, bushfire-rated aluminium roller shutters add an extra layer of bushfire protection for your home.

Besides our popular streamlined roller shutters, Modern also offer other window furnishings and quality products which include Australian-made plantation shutters, outdoor blinds, and external louvre shutters. All our products are made to the highest quality Australian standards and backed by warranties. We’re committed to offering our clients the best quality products at affordable prices. We also offer payment plans through our finance partner Humm.

And for complete peace of mind when choosing roller shutters, Modern offer a 5-year warranty on shutter panels and frame, a 3-year warranty on coating and movement components, a 2-year warranty on T-Series tubular motors, and a 1-year warranty on workmanship and all other fixtures.

We have expert teams across Australia including MelbournePerthSydneyAdelaideBrisbaneCanberraCentral Coast, Newcastle and Launceston. Make contact today, we’re here to help enhance your lifestyle and add value to your home.



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