Beat the Heat this Summer with Roller Shutters

Summer has well and truly arrived. The long hot days are here and they’re not being kind. Like most Australian’s you are probably spending a lot more time outdoors, wearing the least amount of clothing legally possible. Once it is time to come back inside the house is usually so hot that a late night trip the cinema (don’t forget your cardigan, you know how cold it gets in there!) seems like a good idea.

If you’re trying to give the a/c a break and lacking cool down inspiration, we have some cool tips and tricks that will help you cool down and enjoy a hot summer.

1. Sleep like a baby

If you have left it too late in the day to be able to properly cool the house down you can take advantage of the old frozen sheets trick. Putting your sheets in the freezer a couple of minutes before you go to bed will give your body a chance to cool down, making it easier to fall asleep. A secret tip is to put your sheets in a bag first so that you don’t get any ice, water or food on them!

2. Hit the bottle

If putting the sheet in the freezer doesn’t really appeal to you what about a water bottle? Water bottles can be used for hot and cold water and come in really handy in summer. Fill the water bottle up with cold water and pop it in the freezer for a few hours. Once the water is frozen you can put the water bottle between your sheets to cool yourself down. If the water bottle starts to perspire due to the heat, just wrap it in a towel and you’re good to go!

3. Long Live the Fan!

If you have fans lying around put them to good use! Opening a window and pointing the fans out of the window will help to push hot air house of the room you are in. Alternatively you can put a tray of cold water with ice in it, in front of the fan. This will turn the air colder as the fan blows on you. Give this one a try, it actually does work really well!

4. Live in Darkness

If you know the day is going to be exceptionally hot in order for your house to remain cooler you need to think ahead. Beat the heat and close all your windows and blinds. This will make your house dark and will not let any sunlight in.

If you have roller shutters they will become your best friend during the hotter months. Roller shutters are perfect at blocking out the sun’s rays and significantly reducing the heat inside your house. Lower your roller shutters in the morning and you will notice the difference throughout the day. You will also notice the difference when your power bill comes in! If you don’t already have roller shutter Modern can help!

5. Hydrate

Finally, staying hydrated is one of the biggest ways to help yourself stay cooler. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids throughout the day but try to stay away from coffee or energy drinks that contain caffeine. Drinks containing caffeine dehydrate you and make you feel thirsty, make water your number one option during summer and you will feel much better.

Don’t let the heat ruin your summer, stay cool using our tips. If you feel your house needs a bit more protection from the sun, let Modern help. Our team have been helping Australian’s stay cool for over 25 years! Call 13 11 78 today to arrange a quote!

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