Which is better for your outdoor space: ENVIROTEX vs Café Blinds

Blue skies and warmth entice families to spend more time outdoors. Enjoying the wonderful weather Australia gifts us with depends on acquiring the proper gear and accessories to remain comfortable outdoors. Home additions like outdoor blinds help make outdoor spaces more gratifying. ENVIROTEX and Café Blinds are popular outdoor blinds that help homeowners achieve an outdoor haven that can be shared with family and friends to create long-lasting memories.

What are Outdoor Blinds?

Outdoor blinds act as a barrier which protects your outdoor space from being battered or affected by the elements. It effectively shields your outdoor living spaces from harmful sun rays, rain, wind, dust, and insects…just to mention a few. Times of having to end your moments outside are in the past. On uneventful weekend mornings be prepared to enjoy peaceful moments outside a bit longer without having to worry about the assault from the sun. Confidently continue to delight in your outdoor meal as winds unexpectedly begin to gust and clouds release drizzle. 

Aside from being an effective shield, outdoor blinds work in defining your outdoor environment by creating an ideal balance of being in nature yet apart from it. This balance delivers a sense of privacy and security, allowing your outdoor living space to become an ultimate sanctuary.

What are ENVIROTEX and Café Blinds?

ENVIROTEX Blinds – made from high-quality fabric, ENVIROTEX Blinds are great at providing the perfect balance between vision and weather protection. 

Café Blinds – Made using a clear or tinted PVC, Café Blinds are designed to block out the elements while still providing an “open” feel.  

Benefits of Outdoor Blinds 

  • Protect against debris, dust, and insects
    Café or ENVIROTEX blinds provide a comfy atmosphere to outdoor living spaces. They both provide protection from debris, dust, and insects as they are made from high-quality PVC and fabrics, without you having to compromise on your view.
  • Café blinds are a perfect air control option
    If you are looking for an outdoor blind that provides a complete air control solution then Café Blinds are your best option.
  • ENVIROTEX blinds offer a great outward view of outside surroundings in the day
    ENVIROTEX Blinds provide a wonderful balance, giving homeowners the best of both attributes the outdoors and indoors can offer. It does not block any area of your outdoor space. Instead, it permits all to experience their entire outdoor surroundings while benefiting from weather protection. The ENVIROTEX PLUS range has a light transmission of 94 percent, which makes it a favourite amongst Modern customers.

How to choose the right outdoor blinds for you
In deciding which outdoor blinds to purchase, you have to consider all aspects that will maximise your investment. Recognising outdoor blinds as an investment that returns priceless moments will encourage you to spend the time finding what suits you. 

Here are a couple of pointers to get you started in your search: 

  • Fulfil your needs and your wants
    When putting what you need first, you successfully address what it takes for an outdoor blind to be useful. Get started on prioritising needs by recalling past seasons and weather changes. If it rained, hailed, and winds roared toward the end of winter, it is best to purchase an outdoor blind that can withstand such weather.
  • Research options that meet your needs
    Not doing the proper research according to your specific needs will result in possible disappointment down the road. Save yourself from future headaches by looking up all options that apply to your needs. Consultants at Modern can help guide you to the outdoor blinds that fit your needs.
  • Are they easy to use?
    Besides buying outdoor blinds that fit your needs, you have to consider if what you are buying is easy to use. Spending time to operate something appropriately can waste time you can not get back. Finding something that is easy to use will maximise how you enjoy those precious moments outdoors.

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