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Warm up your home this Winter

16 Nov 2023

Warm up your home this Winter

Warm-up with Colour and Texture

Winter is the perfect time to change up the colour scheme of your home. The colder weather is ideal for embracing rich colours such as dark green, jewel tones, reds, and oranges. A lux Fabric selection will also help create all the cosy ‘vibes’. Velvet, wool, soft cotton and (faux) fur will bring warmth and texture to any room.

Add Greenery

Bring a little of the outside inside with easy to maintain indoor plants. Alternatively, a fresh bunch of flowers from the farmers market or a high-quality silk alternative will brighten up even the coldest corners of your home. Rich greens, reds, yellows and also whites will work well with any winter colour pallet.

Reorganise and Rearrange

Change is as good as a holiday. Have a quick look over your living, dining and bedrooms and see if there is any way your space could be made more functional? Even experimenting with different trinkets and unique pieces to decorate coffee tables and sideboards can make a small but impactful difference. If you’re looking to make a significant change, a textured bedhead can warm up your bedroom and completely change the room’s overall vibe. You would be surprised at how even the most minor change can breathe a whole new life into a space.

Winter is for Layers

One of the easiest and most effortless ways to make your home feel cosier is to introduce layers. Throws cushions, rugs, and heavy curtains all help to create a cosy space you’ll love spending time in during the winter months.

Play with light

With winter comes shorter days and, as a result, less natural lighting.  The lack of natural light creates an opportunity to play with light and create a whole different mood at the flick of a switch. In Denmark, the concept of Hygge mentions the importance of using light to enhance your mood. Pools of warm light, candles and lamps to create a sense of intimacy and cosiness. With the proper lighting, you’ll be looking forward to cosy nights in all winter long.

Keep enjoying your outdoor spaces.

Don’t let winter keep you from loving your outdoor living areas. While the weather is less inviting, Modern Outdoor Blinds create an intimate space that allows you to enjoy all that is wonderful about the outdoors with none of the bits you don’t.

If you want to enjoy your outdoor area all year round, contact your local service team on 13 11 78 for a free consultation.



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