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Stay warm and cosy without breaking the bank this winter

16 Nov 2023

Stay warm and cosy without breaking the bank this winter

There is nothing nicer than having a cosy house in winter. Somewhere warm and dry to escape the cold weather and rain is comforting and something to look forward to at the end of a long chilly day. Unfortunately, for the months you enjoy the heater, there is often an expensive electricity bill looming in the future, which can add unnecessary stress and pressure in the winter months.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help take back control of your electricity bill so you can enjoy your heater guilt-free.

Save in other areas of your electricity bill.

During winter, when heating your home is a priority, it’s important to ensure that your other home appliances are operating in a cost-efficient way. Washing your clothes on a cold cycle instead of a warm or hot cycle can help to cut a significant amount off your bill. To ensure your washing is still free of germs and bacteria laundry sanitisers can be found at the supermarket effectively kill off any nasties without the extra cost of a hot cycle. Having your TV set to low brightness and checking your fridge is set at its most economical temperature are also big money savers!

Set the heater on its most efficient temperature.

When using a heater, every degree above 20, adds 10% to the total running cost. The best temperature setting for a heater when looking to save money sits between 18 and 20 degrees.

Shut all doors and windows

The harder your heater has to work, the higher your bill will climb. If you can stop warm air from leaking outside or into areas of the house you are not using, your heater will have an easier time regulating the temperature and won’t have to use extra power to heat more space than it has to.

Insulate your house

As we have mentioned above, it is important to make sure the warm air is staying in the area of your house that you need it to, and not leaking into other spaces. Insulating your house helps to ensure you are keeping the precious warm air in. The Victorian government recently released statistics that said insulating your home can save 40%-50% per year of annual electricity bills! When looking at insulation options for your home, Roller Shutters are a popular choice. Not only do they keep heat in and help lower your bills, but they also add privacy, security and light control to your home.

At the moment, Modern is offering 50% off every second Roller Shutter, which is another excellent reason to give them a call and book in for a measure and quote!

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