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Keep Your Cool This Summer

16 Nov 2023

Keep Your Cool This Summer

Right now we’re all feeling the full effects of the Aussie summer. With our days reaching the mid-thirties and the nights not dipping too far below that. So how do we keep cool without running the air conditioner 24/7?

Here are our top tips for insulating your home and minimising your electricity bill!

Control the levels of natural light entering the house.

The idea of shutting your curtains might seem a bit gloomy, but it will help to lower the heat in your house significantly.

A solution many are turning to is using blinds such as plantation shutters. The design of these blinds allows the user to control the level of light entering the house, so you can still brighten up your home without letting the sun heat things up too much.

Check your home for drafts

Warm air can sneak into your home in cracks and gaps in your home. To avoid this, seal them with rubber weather shields (you can purchase these at your local hardware store) and make sure windows are shut tightly when not open.

Upgrade your paint

White walls in the home will absorb less heat and help to keep your house cool! It the colour doesn’t necessarily have to be stark white, but any lighter colour will help to keep the temperature down. If you’re really serious about cooling your home. For your roof, make sure it is in its best condition with a Modern roof restoration. Even the smallest crack or broken tile can cause precious cool air to leak out of your home. Modern also offer Supablock, an effective heat reflective coating for your roof that will dramatically reduce your cooling costs throughout summer.

Introduce some Greenery

Strategically picked and placed, indoor plants can help cool down your house because they absorb the hot air and loose water during the transpiration process, leaving their surroundings cool and fresh! The can also help block some sunlight from entering the house if positioned near windows and doorways.

Invest in Roller Shutters

Similarly to Plantation Shutters, Roller Shutters help control the level of light entering your home and the material also helps to keep the heat out. They are also certified to BAL level 40 when shut, making them an essential safety feature for your home if you are in bushfire prone areas.

If you’re ready to lower the cost of keeping cool this summer with Plantation and Roller Shutters, contact your local service team on 13 11 78 today!



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