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How To: Coastal Interior Design

16 Nov 2023

How To: Coastal Interior Design

There is something special about the relaxed, bright, breezy coastal interiors initially made famous by the homes that hug the shoreline in the Hamptons. Their spacious layouts, crisp colours and natural textures are so inviting, that it’s no surprise it has quickly taken over as one of the most popular interior design styles in Australia.

Although the name suggests it belongs in beachside homes, the more modern take on coastal interior design has removed its previous nautical emphasis. Making it accessible to Seasiders and city slickers alike.
To put things simply, ‘coastal is beachy’ using natural light, soft tones, natural textures and a clean simple aesthetic, it is designed to remind you of a simple white sand beach.

The connection to nature is important in a coastal home. Natural elements will come through especially in the furniture. Weathered woods, wicker and jute are a good way to incorporate earthy tones and enhance the natural look of the interior. Coastal homes generally avoid shiny metallics and other flashy textures in leu of brushed brass which provides a much softer look. When choosing fabrics for couches and curtains, linen is a good place to start. The lighter and floatier the better and white or beige are the most common choices.

In previous decades, a coastal pallet might have been dominated by layers of blue, but the modern pallet takes a more simple approach. White is a key design feature in a coastal home and dominates most walls and cabinetry. The aim of the coastal design is to have your home looking as bright and airy as possible and the use of white adds to this greatly. Accent colours and textures are still very popular to break up the white. Light stone, beiges, light blues, greys and khakis are popular colour choices and still in keeping with an earthy colour pallet.

A Coastal home should never feel cramped. The space should be airy, open and inviting. If possible, the design is hugely enhanced by a seamless indoor/outdoor living transition. Glass windows and doors that allow more light and don’t obstruct your view are ideal.
Sunlights are also a massive bonus! If possible, an open plan living design is also the most desirable to achieve a true coastal aesthetic. If this isn’t an option in your home, using more minimalistic furniture and decorations will give your home a more spacious feel.

Avoid the cliché! It can be so easy to make Coastal ‘tacky’. One seashell too many can take things too far.

This isn’t to say decorations can’t be inspired by the ocean, just try and keep them minimal and avoid anything too kitschy. Fireplaces, sea glass and different tones and textures of white are a great way to personalise the area without causing too much visual clutter.

Plantation Shutters have become a go-to window furnishing for Coastal inspired homes. Their design keeps windows looking fresh and clean. Plantation Shutters are a low-maintenance, highly functional option that works perfectly with a coastal aesthetic.

When open, they allow air to be directed through the home to make the most of spring and summer breezes. When closed, they provide complete privacy and blend in seamlessly with surrounding walls.

Modern Plantation Shutters are Australian-made and designed never to wrap or crack even in humid conditions, making them perfect for Australian homes!

If a Coastal Interior is calling your name and you think Plantations  they will be the perfect finishing touch, contact your local service team on 13 11 78!



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