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How Louvre Shutters Can Help Create the Perfect Outdoor Environment for Your Pet

15 Nov 2023

How Louvre Shutters Can Help Create the Perfect Outdoor Environment for Your Pet

Moving from living in a townhouse or apartment into a house with a big backyard can be exciting and filled with many possibilities…Do you plant trees? Do you take up gardening? Do you add a pond or a walkway? The options are endless.For dog owners, they must also consider their four-legged friends as they employ their creativity and style their landscape. Otherwise, the dog might wreak havoc. One way to factor in your pet is to use louvre shutters to give them a comfortable living area.

What is a louvre shutter?

It is a horizontal slat, often angled to admit air and light while keeping away the sun and rain. Available in a large range of designs, colours and folding options louvre shutters can be a great addition to any home. Originally, louvres were used on top of roof holes in kitchens to provide ventilation while keeping snow and the rain out. They were crude; made of a barrel, mainly. Over time, they have evolved to accommodate elaborate designs and materials, giving the homeowner more options than they could have asked for.

Besides design, the louvres have also expanded to accommodate different materials. Modern ones can be made of glass, wood, aluminium or metal. They are often closed using a pulley system or motorised operators.

Why does a dog need protection?

Having established that louvre shutters serve to protect against the sun, rain and other weather elements, one might ask why their pet would need protection. For starters, dogs heat up easily. In fact, they are more prone to dehydration than humans. Additionally, dogs also get sunburned, more so on ears and the nose. To this end, making sure that your dog has access to water is extremely important to prevent dehydration on hot summer days, as well as shading the pavement and the main outdoor living area for your furry friend.

Secondly, if they are short-haired, they need an extra layer of protection. In winter, your dog could easily be covered in frost or stay wet throughout the night when the temperature drops more than during the day. Thirdly, harsh wind may cause your dogs bedding, toys and even water bowl to blow around if not appropriately sheltered.

How louvre shutters can help to create shelter for dogs

Modern louvre shutters not only decorate your outdoor area, but they also provide air ventilation. You can use them, for example, to keep the dog comfortable. Dogs love to wander and play throughout the day. However, if there are no fully shaded areas, they are prone to becoming either too hot or too cold, providing an uncomfortable environment for the dog.

Louvre Shutters have come a long way since the first time they were used, thanks to technology. Now, you can employ them to serve various functions while at the same time, serving decorative purposes. If you want to learn more about how louvre shutters can create the perfect outdoor area for your dog, contact Modern!

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