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Home Design Trends for 2021

16 Nov 2023

Home Design Trends for 2021

Now that we have fresh new year to look forward to we also have some fresh new home trends to be inspired by!

Here is a curated peak at what 2021 has in store for our interior and exterior design!

Cottage core

A favourite of 2020, cottage core will be back with a fresh twist! A more sophisticated spin on the classic cottage core, “rustic vogue’ is perfect for homes with exposed features of the building such as floorboards or beams.

In lieu of the more neutral colour pallets of 2020, earthy tones are making a statement with rusts, greens and brows being among the more popular shades.






Island Dreaming

We all missed a lot of things in 2020 and for a lot of people that included tropical holidays. So in 2021 they’re bringing the island life into their living room with tropical jewel toned colours such as emerald, citrine yellow and sapphire blue (not a colour pallet for the faint of heart!

If you’re a fan of big, bold and beautiful this trend should be entirely up your street. Printed wallpaper, bold duvet designs and playful scatter cushions will give any interior a tropical edge.
This trend will also see say goodbye to the beloved fiddle leaf figs that have plagued our homes and social media feeds for the past 5 years and welcome in more tropical ferns.





Home grown treasures

The COVID-19 crisis saw us all asked to shop local and shop Australian and with this came trend of seeking out and enjoying more unique items in favour of those mass produced. With extra time on our hands we hunted for something distinctive and different, to set our space apart from others. After many years of flocking to large retail outlets the idea of having something special be a part of home décor is taking off.








Retro Revamp

Although it is a newer interior design style, it oozes with nostalgia. Relaxed and inviting while also being perfectly curated and cool, this is the style loved and fortified by the chicest of homeowners . This trend embraces curved shapes, a muted colour pallet and takes many of its cues from art deco. Australian sweethearts Hamish Blake & Zoë Foster-Blake, recently renovated their bathroom to the retro revamp tune. Embracing the earthy muted colour pallet, minimalistic styling and the very best of interior design from years gone by.


No matter what trends we see coming into 2021, there will always be a Modern product to suit any style. If you’re interested in starting a new project on your home, contact your local service team on 13 11 78 today!




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