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Outdoor Louvre shutters – What are your options?

2 Jan 2023

Outdoor Louvre shutters – What are your options?

Aluminium Louvre Shutters Plantation Style complement any home

Making aesthetic improvements to the outside of your home can become overwhelming. A good place to start is with louvre shutters which can provide a transformative visual impact, and Modern Group can help you choose the best louvre shutters for your specific outdoor needs.

What Are Louvre Shutters and What Are the Benefits?

Built by design

Louvres are individual slats or blades that swing open and closed to control privacy and regulate the amount of light and breeze entering the room or outdoor area. Plantation shutters with wide slats are on trend with Australian homeowners who want a contemporary look. These louvred shutters are tilted for inviting ambient light while keeping out intense sunlight or driving rain.

External shutter louvre shutters for outdoor areas are a savvy alternative to expensive motorised awnings and fixed windows or doors. Choose from aliminium louvre shutters, fixed panel louvres, bi-fold louvres, hinged louvres, sliding louvres, and stacking louvres. All of these types of outdoor blinds provide different functionality.

Add value to the home

Installing louvre shutters is a cost-effective way to increase your property’s value. Their striking aesthetic benefits can turn an ordinary outdoor space into something unique and eye-catching. Louvre shutters are easy to maintain and Modern Group plantation shutters are designed and built to last, made from the highest quality materials available to handle all weather conditions.


Louvre shutters allow for additional privacy on your outdoor patio or pergola area. This means that you can comfortably lounge in an outdoor area without feeling like your neighbours are snooping. Different types of louvres can slide or fold or stack to help you make an area private.

Louvre panels help enclose a space and provide weather protection. Louvred shutters can be adjusted and angled to help block out wind and rain so you can continue to enjoy your outdoor space even if it is drizzling. This also means that you can keep your outdoor furniture in top condition. Aluminium shutters are available in your choice of powder coated colours are a great option for providing better weather shielding and colour-coordinated appeal.

Different Types of Louvre Shutters 

The Modern Group product range includes a wide selection of louvre shutters for your specific needs and aesthetic preferences. When making a choice, it is important to think of what is functionally important to you as well as what will look best for your location. Options include louvre panels made from marine grade anodised aluminium that is lightweight but tough enough to handle Australian weather conditions.

Fixed Panel Louvres

These are easy to install and use. They pivot inside the framework using C channels that are permanently fixed to the top and bottom of the application.

Bi-Fold Louvres

The vertical bi-fold design allows you to open the space completely. These versatile outdoor privacy screens fold together to one side, allowing you to let in maximum light and breeze.

Hinged Louvres

The benefit of hinged louvres is that they swing both in and out, offering greater airflow control. They can include an L/Z frame for more free range when opening your shutters.

Sliding Louvres

These panels can slide left or right across tracks that run on the top and bottom. This provides more options for privacy and sun-shielding.

Stacking Louvres

While similar to the sliding louvres, they have an additional H section at the end of the tracks, which allows for the complete opening and storing of the panels.

Why We Love Aluminium Louvres

Unlike wood, plastic, or PVC which have a tendency to warp or discolour when exposed to moisture or direct sunlight, aluminium is extremely strong and resistant to environmental pressures. It offers optimal insulation and protection from the elements and provides households with significant energy-cost savings.

Aluminium offers the best of both worlds by providing the longevity of synthetic materials while also emulating the beauty of timber. Long-lasting aluminium allows you to balance your needs for durability, style, function, and cost. Modern Group Aluminium Louvre shutters won’t discolour, crack, warp, shrink, or lose tension.

Here are some of the in-demand features and benefits of aluminium plantation shutters that customers appreciate.

  • They’re engineered to cope with severe weather conditions and have been developed for quiet operation and minimal movement even in high winds.
  • All blades and panel frames incorporate a high-quality hair-felt seal that keeps wind and rain out so you can enjoy the indoor/outdoor Aussie lifestyle in almost any weather.
  • Our aluminium blades are built to withstand 100kg over a 1-meter span and are the strongest on the market. Available in a range of powder-coated standard colours.
  • Nylon glass reinforced pivots prevent maintenance issues associated with other rolling mechanisms.
  • Custom-made for outdoor areas such as balconies, pergolas, BBQ areas and external window shutters.
  • Multi-tracking configurations for resolving design and space constraints.

One concern people have is that aluminium plantation shutters have unsightly floor tracking systems. That’s not a problem with Modern Group products that come with the option of being securely attached from a top fixing. Clients still get the benefit of a secure operation, without the unattractive floor track.

With guaranteed longevity and flexible design options built for Australian weather conditions, our customers get wide range of benefits that aren’t available with other external plantation shutter materials.

How Modern Can Help

Modern Group is one of Australia’s leading aluminium louvre shutter experts. We have over 40 years of experience and can help you choose the best possible environmentally-friendly product for your project. We use the highest quality materials for louvre shutters that not only look beautiful but also hold up to the test of time.

All of our Australian-made shutters provide amazing privacy for your outdoor space, as well as superior weather control. With Modern Group, you can have confidence that your choice will be low maintenance, environmentally friendly, and very attractive.

These products are so good we offer a warranty for 12 months for workmanship and up to 10 years for certain products as well as full servicing upon request. If you live in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA, TAS, the ACT, or regional Australia, choose Modern Group.

To learn more about Modern Louvre Shutters contact us today!

What is the difference between shutters and louvres?

The terms are somewhat interchangeable in today’s marketplace. Traditionally, louvres were shutters with slats spaced at a fixed angle. The introduction of adjustable louvre blinds in the 1970s changed the equation, and modern louvre slats (blades) can be angle-adjusted at different times of the day.

How to know what size louvre to get?

The easiest way is to book a free on-site consultation with a Modern Group louvre shutter expert. We have the best product range on the market and work with installation experts for plantation shutters, external louvre shutters, window roller shutters, and more great products for the interior or exterior of your home.



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