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Are Outdoor Blinds the Solution You’ve Been Searching For?

16 Nov 2023

Are Outdoor Blinds the Solution You’ve Been Searching For?

No one can deny Summer in Australia is beautiful. With some of the best beaches in the world our days are spent soaking up the sun and lounging on the beach. It’s also hard to deny that it gets hot in Australia… very hot.

By mid December, the thermostat can easily push past the 40 degree mark regularly and finding ways too cool down becomes priority number 1!

This could be as easy as turning on a fan or the air-conditioning, but for many this can be a very costly expense for the hip pocket and not an ideal solution for the environment. For people searching for other heat control solutions, many are turning to outdoor blinds to keep cool, keep costs low and raise the overall value of their homes. Outdoor blinds keep heat out of your home by blocking out the sun, providing a shaded outdoor space in your home and preventing unnecessary solar gain, therefore stopping heat before it can reach your home.

With the further benefits of glare & light control, additional privacy, UV ray and weather protection, they are the ultimate outdoor accessory for your home and you’ll be looking for excuses to be outside all the time.

But what blinds are right for you?

The two main types of outdoor blinds that Modern offer are the Envirotex and the PVC café style blinds. Both design styles are proudly Australian made and engineered to be able to cope with the tough conditions their home nation provides. They also both have the ability to be motorised for total convenience.

The Envirotex blinds are made from a strong and durable woven fabric that is fire retardant and resistant mould and mildew growth. They are also able to withstand high winds and corrosion making them perfect for even coastal locations.

Modern has also engineered a unique heavy duty axle that also acts as a reducer that helps to avoid the unsightly sag that many outdoor blinds can develop over the years.

To make them even more customisable, there are different fabrics to meet each of your aesthetic and functional needs.


Alternatively, the Café blinds are perfect if you are looking to preserve your view and keep your space looking big. Designed never to yellow or become brittle and are available in both a clear and tinted fabric. They are Maintenance free, durable, corrosion resistant and boast self retracting screens that you can utilise to take advantage of cool breezes.

Contact your local service team on 13 11 78 for a complimentary in home consultation if you think that outdoor blinds might be the solution you’ve been looking for!



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