A Guide to Getting Your House Winter Ready

After a long hot summer enjoying sun-soaked morning walks and lazy afternoons by the pool, winter is slowly sneaking up. While we still have time before we swap our shorts for jeans and iced drinks for hot chocolate, it is a good idea to prepare you home for the colder months.

DJI_0522.DNGMake sure your roof is in good condition

The Australian climate can be unforgiving, and your roof is the first line of defence between you and the elements. Sometimes, finding out your roof might not be in the best condition can come all too late. With one rainy weekend turning your hallways into a collection of pots, pans and buckets. Ensure your roof is in its best possible condition with no cracked or missing tiles, clean out gutters and investigate any damp spots.  Not only save yourself a future headache but is a great way to ensure a dry and comfortable winter!

Invest in money-saving additions to your homealt

Our natural instinct in winter is to switch on the heater, but the looming threat of a high electricity bill can be enough to switch off and reach for a second jumper instead!  A solution many Australians are looking toward to beat this battle between comfort and financial savvy is installing Roller Shutters. Among their many benefits including, added home safety, noise reduction and light control, adding Roller Shutters will effectively insulate your home and is a great way to keep warm while also keeping your electricity bill stable

Embrace your outdoor space. 

Outdoor Blinds create a space protected from wind, rain, dust and harmful UV rays

There is no need for your outdoor entertaining areas to go unloved over the winter months. Enjoying these areas of your home throughout the year by making them comfortable with  Outdoor Blinds. Outdoor Blinds create a space protected from wind, rain, dust and harmful UV rays, whilst also providing privacy from any nosy neighbours. Thanks to there robust fabrics Outdoor Blinds offer undisturbed protection, even when it starts to sprinkle or the wind is picking up you can still enjoy your outdoor space in peace!

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To find out more about how you can prepare your home for a comfortable winter head to www.moderngroup.com.au or call 13 11 78 to speak to a friendly member of your local service team!

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