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7 Reasons Why House Roof Restoration Is Necessary

16 Nov 2023

7 Reasons Why House Roof Restoration Is Necessary

Your roof us easily one of the most important aspects of your home’s exterior. A roof in good condition will protect you and your family from the elements, increase the efficiency of your air conditioners and enhance the overall curb appeal and value of your home. In poor shape, a roof can leak, develop harmful mould growth, attract unwelcomed creatures and cause major issues when it comes to insurance claims. As a homeowner, looking after your roof should be a priority. Here are seven important reasons why getting a Roof Restoration is necessary.

Boost the Curb Appeal and Value of your home                         

Want to increase the value of your home? Start with your roof! The outside of your home offers the first impression to potential buyers. A recent survey revealed that potential homebuyers will generally make up their minds about a home within the first five minutes, so investing the time and money in having your roof looking its best is definitely worth it. It is also important that your roof is in good condition if you do go to sell to make sure your home passes any building and pest inspections your buyers may require.

Peace of mind for storm season                          

There is nothing worse than having to sprint to find a bucket the moment it starts raining, but when it starts storming things can quickly become more serious. Even if there are no visible signs of water damage or leaks, sometimes the damage you can’t see can be even worse and cause a huge amount of damage to your property.  Being the only barrier between yourself, your family and your home a Roof Restoration will bring peace of mind and you will be able to rest easy knowing that your home can tackle the wild weather.

Save money and energy.                         


When it comes to heating and cooling our homes, we don’t want to waste a penny. Expensive electricity bills can be made worse if your roof has cracks or holes that allow your warm and cool air to escape. They key to bringing your electricity down during the hot summer days and cold winter nights, is making your home as insulated as possible.  Investing in this area definitely makes a roof restoration worth it and will save you money in the long run.

Stop your roof from absorbing unwanted heat                         

If cooling your home is a priority, you can also upgrade your Roof Restoration to include SupaBlock. SupaBlock is a UV reflective paint that contains special ceramic pigments that reflect heat the from sun, reducing the temperature of the roofs surface.  Compared to regular paint, SUPABLOCK paint dramatically reduces the amount of heat that is able to get into your home.

Protection against unwanted pests                         

Australia is home to many different types of animals that you definitely don’t want to take up residence in your roof. Snakes, possums and rats can take advantage of damaged roofs, sneaking in, building nests and causing even more damage in the process. Safely capturing and removing wildlife from your roof can be a costly exercise as you will almost always need professional assistance. Especially if the animal causes more damage within your roof

Increase the overall lifespan of your roof                        

A roof restoration will bring keep your roof in good condition and save you the large expense of having to have extensive repairs or even a full replacement in the future. An experienced roofing expert will be able to find any weaknesses, such as any cracked tiles or leaks in your roof and work to fix them before any major damage occurs.

Special attention paid to your gutters in a roof restoration will also help increase the lifespan of your roof by ensuring they are clear and leak free. This is also a bonus during the Australian summer as blocked and overflowing gutters can be a huge fire risk.

Make Sure you’re covered by your insurance                         

 Depending on your cover level and type, there are responsibilities you have as a homeowner. A problem many homeowners face is having Insurance claims regarding roofing knocked back by insurance companies because the roof has not been properly maintained. Insurance will rarely cover any issues related to rusty roofing or gutters, blocked gutters, leaves and debris on the roof or blocked flashings. The good news is these are all preventable issues that can be easily assessed and fixed by trusted roofing experts.

For over 40 years, the Modern Group have been Australia’s go-to roofing specialist for all things from minor leak repairs, Roof Restorations and full Roof Replacements. For a complimentary roof inspection and consultation, contact your local service team on 13 11 78 today!



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