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How To Build Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

19 Dec 2023

How To Build Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

If you love the warm summers and sometimes-mild winters parts of Australia are known for, you probably enjoy the outdoors most times of the year.

This can be an easier thing to do if there is a seamless connection between the indoors and outdoors right in your own home.

If you’re thinking of enjoying the outdoors more, a backyard kitchen is the best feature you can add to your home to enjoy great barbecues with friends and hold family feasts. 

An outdoor kitchen not only allows you and your guests to enjoy your meals but also savour the natural beauty of your surroundings.

With different backyard kitchen ideas, furniture and accessories to choose from, which include window treatments like roller shutters, you have the chance to add your personal touches and make this outdoor living space truly yours.

Creating the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Below are some of the best tips and ideas to keep in mind as you turn your outdoor kitchen dream into a reality that suits your needs and lifestyle:

1. Think About the Layout

The first step to take when building your dream kitchen is planning its layout.

Study your backyard and think about where you want to have the seating area to give your family and guests the best alfresco dining experience. The space should be large enough to accommodate your dining furniture and essential appliances.

This place should be connected to or near the spot where you plan to set up your outdoor kitchen.

Generally, the ideal place for your kitchen is near your house and facing the sun.

You can also consider having it built near your indoor kitchen for convenience.

At this stage, you should already know the main functions of your kitchen. Do you plan to use it only for barbecues and cooking meals or do you also intend to do some prep work here?

If you plan to do all meal prep and cooking here, your outdoor kitchen setup should include these areas.

Additionally, decide if you want your kitchen to have an open floor plan or if you want to install walls to divide it into specific areas. Creating different zones is one of the top patio kitchen ideas you can consider.

2. Choose the Best Materials

When designing outdoor kitchens, ensure all fixtures can withstand all weather elements.

The best outdoor kitchen materials are durable and can remain functional and attractive for years regardless of the weather conditions.

Each material should also be suitable for the particular application and part of the kitchen. For instance, granite is an excellent choice for an outdoor countertop since it is hard, durable and stain-resistant.

For furniture, teak, aluminium and PVC are your best options since these are long lasting, weather resistant and low maintenance.

If you want to invest in coverings for your outdoor kitchen, choose outdoor louvres or roller shutters made of materials that can withstand different weather conditions, harsh UV rays and wear and tear. Ensure they can prevent mould and mildew growth to reduce fabric degradation so they last longer.

3. Plan for Utilities and Appliances

An outdoor kitchen includes water and electricity, utilities you need to prepare and cook your meals and make it a functional living space.

A water source helps you prepare meals and cleanups. You also need electricity for lighting and to power your appliances.

Remember to invest in high-quality outdoor cooking appliances. They should be able to withstand the elements and be easy to use.

The best outdoor kitchen plans also include sufficient storage space. Plan for cabinets and drawers to keep your cooking utensils, condiments and cookware organised and protected from the elements.

These fixtures help you maintain a tidy and efficient workspace and preserve the lifespan of your kitchen tools at the same time.

4. Ensure the Outdoor Space Is Usable Year-Round

A roof or shade ensures you can use your outdoor kitchen any time of the year. It also protects your furniture, fixtures and appliances from elements, allowing you to use them for a long time.

You can have your entire outdoor area covered or only the dining area by opting for a gazebo or pavilion.

Aside from choosing durable and long-lasting furniture, make sure they are comfortable and go well with your outdoor living space theme and style.

Consider investing in heating and cooling solutions to ensure you can use your outdoor kitchen all year round.

Aside from getting an air conditioner and fan, the right outdoor blinds and roller shutters can help this space stay cool in the summer since they provide shade from the sun and hot winds. Conversely, these will keep your outdoor kitchen warm in winter by blocking out wind and rain while trapping heat.

5. Think About Lighting and Ambience

Creating the right ambience in your outdoor kitchen ensures you have a truly inviting and functional space.

Start by installing the right outdoor lighting fixtures to set the mood for your gatherings and enhance your yard’s safety.

Consider installing task lighting for the cooking area and ambient lighting for the dining space to create a warm, homey atmosphere after dark.

Enhance the ambience further by adding outdoor-friendly decor like potted plants, rugs and weather-resistant artwork.

Add an entertainment and sound system in this space to turn it into a leisure and recreational spot in your home.  

An outdoor kitchen can transform your yard significantly. When built properly, it is the perfect addition to your home that will elevate your outdoor living experience and boost your property’s overall appeal.

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