Top 5 Plantation Shutters Ideas for 2017

Interested in plantation shutters but not completely convinced? We have put together our top 5 plantation shutter ideas for 2017.

We have some great ideas to keep up with modern living but with a touch of privacy and control. There are even some ideas of what you can do with old plantation shutters!

1. Choose a bright white colour for a contemporary feel

Who says that shutters have to match the colour of your room! While shutters are there for practical reasons they can become a statement piece at the same time. Choosing a bright white colour will make your new shutters stand out due to the colour contrast with your walls.

If you are looking for a contemporary window fitting that will stand out and bring your room together we can help! Our experts can come and provide advice on the best colour to suit your needs.

2. Old plantations can be reworked to look rustic

Having new shutters installed and don’t know what to do with your old ones? Old shutters can be re-worked into wall art that can be used around your home. This works well for homes where vintage is the style of choice. Give your plantation shutters a rustic look to fit in with your vintage theme. Light colours work really well for this. Painting your shutters a bright colour and hanging them on the wall is a fantastic way to frame statement pieces of furniture.

If you’re looking for something a little more out there, you can even fashion your old plantation shutters into a bed head. This actually looks spectacular once the shutters have been sanded back and given a new lick of paint!

3. Shutters and heavy curtains

Plantation shutters are perfect for giving you full control over light and privacy in your home. There are many home owners who are put off shutters because they can’t give up their drapes and heavy curtains. Why do you have to give up one for the other, why not have both?

Plantation shutters are perfect when paired with drapes and curtains. Your drapes will frame your window and shutters for an elegant and sophisticated look. In the day your drapes can stay open to let in the light from the window but still be in control of how much light comes in. At night drapes and curtains can be closed to give the room warmth and softness. This is perfect for bedrooms and living rooms where you spend lots of time in the evening.

4. Shutters to separate rooms

Many homes now are designed to be open plan. While open plan living is fantastic, in some areas you may prefer to have a bit more privacy. Rather than splashing out lots of money to have walls put up and rooms made, plantation shutters are fantastic for breaking open areas up.

Sliding plantation shutters are perfect to break up open areas and provide privacy. Just like window based plantation shutters you still have total control over how open the shutters can be. With lots of different colour choices available you will have no problem picking a colour that blends in seamlessly with your home decor or for a contemporary look choose a bold and contrasting colour.

5. Shutters on glass doors

Glass sliding doors have always been popular in Australian homes. They connect the inside with outside and make outdoor living all the more appealing. For some people glass doors can be very exposing. You may also find that heat from the summer sun becomes a problem, heating up the house too much.

At Modern, we can install plantation shutters to go with your sliding glass doors. This will give you excellent protection from the sun in summer and help keep heating in during the winter months. The best thing about these kind of shutters is the access to light and views. Plantation shutters will still make your room light and bright without taking away from your outdoor lifestyle.

There are so many things you can do with plantation shutters. You will be spoilt for choice when you choose plantation shutters through Modern. Plantation shutters are timeless and elegant, making them a perfect addition to any family home!

There are so many things you can do with plantation shutters. You will be spoilt for choice when you choose plantation shutters through Modern. Plantation shutters are timeless and elegant, making them a perfect addition to any family home!

Gorgeous plantation shutters to suit your lounge room in 2017..

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