Solar Power Melbourne



Solar Power Melbourne

Installation of solar power in Melbourne has increased dramatically over the last couple of years, and it’s not difficult to see why. At the same time as issues around climate change issues have appeared at the forefront of Australian politics, Victorians have been among the hardest hit by rising energy bills in Australia.

Consequently, more and more energy consumers in Melbourne are “going solar” and shrinking both their carbon footprint and their electricity bills in the process.

As a clean, green and natural renewable energy resource, solar power has emerged as the best option for Melburnians and all Australians to save money while helping to save the planet. And these days, with various government solar incentives and improvements in technology, solar power systems have never been more affordable.

In Melbourne, most residential and small business solar power customers are entitled to additional small-scale technology certificates or STCs (formerly known as Renewable Energy Certificates or RECs), which can equate to a saving of more than $3000 on the price of the system.

In addition, Victoria’s premium feed-in tariff offers Melbourne solar power customers with small-scale systems a guaranteed minimum credit of at least 60 cents per kWh for surplus electricity fed back into the grid. Melburnians with solar systems may find they can not only reduce their power bill, but even erase it completely.

Solar hot water customers in Melbourne can take advantage of the Federal Government rebate for replacing an existing electric hot water system, or the State Government rebate for replacing a gas hot water system.

The Modern Group is one of Melbourne’s leading suppliers and accredited installers of solar panels and solar hot water systems. Install a Modern solar system today and help Melbourne lead the way to a more sustainable Australia.