Solar Power Brisbane

Solar Power Brisbane

Solar power is the cleanest and most practicable source of renewable energy available in Australia. Luckily for Brisbane – where the sun is plentiful and government incentives are generous, solar power for homes and businesses has never been a more viable option.

Electricity prices in Brisbane have sky-rocketed over the last few years. From July 2010 to July 2011, the cost of electricity in Queensland jumped by an alarming 20% across all local suburbs. With figures like this, it’s quite easy to see why many locals are quickly looking for a long-term energy alternative.

So what’s the solution?

Modern offer an energy-saving alternative like no-other. In fact, thousands of Brisbane homes and businesses have already turned to solar power as the best way to save money on energy and avoid future price hikes. The goal is to future-proof future budgeting plans and save wherever possible. At the end of the day, every saving is a good saving.

Modern Solar Panel in Brisbane

Quality Solar Panels Designed For Big Savings

At Modern, we offer a great range of selected solar panels to suit all Brisbane properties – no matter if residential or for business purposes. We’re one of Brisbane leading suppliers of accredited solar panel installers and take immense pride in helping Brisbane home-owners save on increasing energy bills. With over 35 years’ experience in the home improvement industry, we’re confident we’ll have the right solar panels to suit your property.

BC1520 Brisbane Solar Panels

BC1520 Solar Panels

  • 8 Panels
  • 1520 watts
  • High capacity inverter
  • Generates approximately 2,100 kWh per year*
BC1900 Brisbane Solar Panels

BC1900 Solar Panels

  • 10 Panels
  • 1900 Watts
  • High capacity inverter
  • Generates approximately 2,630 kWh per year*
BC3040 Solar Panels For Your Brisbane Home

BC3040 Solar Panels

  • 16 Panels
  • 3040 Watts
  • High capacity inverter
  • Generates approximately 4,210 kWh per year*

Great Government Solar Incentives For Brisbane Home-Owners

There are numerous benefits associated with installing solar power in Brisbane as well as cutting electricity bills and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, eligible consumers can take advantage of Federal and State Government solar rebates to drastically decrease their upfront costs.

Under the solar credits scheme, people who install small renewable energy generation units are issued additional small-scale technology certificates or STCs (formerly Renewable Energy Certificates or RECs) for the first 1.5 kW of capacity; in Brisbane, this equates to up to 93 STCs, or around $3700 (depending on market price of STCs).

Further, the Queensland Government Solar Bonus Scheme offers rewards to Brisbane grid-connect solar customer who generate more electricity than they use. Brisbane locals participating in the Scheme can sell surplus power back to the grid for a much higher price than the general domestic-use tariff; not only can you save money on bills by installing solar power in Brisbane, you may even find you can make a small income.

Federal and State Government rebates are also available for Brisbane customers who upgrade their electric hot water systems to solar hot water systems.

Brisbane Solar Panels
Modern Solar Accreditation

The Modern Group is one of the leading suppliers and accredited installers of solar panels and solar hot water systems in Brisbane. Install a Modern solar system in Brisbane today and start shrinking your carbon footprint while you shrink your power bills.