Solar Power Adelaide

Solar Power Adelaide

A “solar revolution” has begun in Australia, with an increasing number of households and small business looking to solar power as a way to reduce both energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. In Adelaide “where consumers have watched their electricity bills skyrocket in recent years” solar power systems are appearing on the roofs of thousands of properties across the city.

Adelaideans are perfectly positioned to be able to take advantage of all that solar power has to offer; both the city’s position and climate make it ideal for solar energy generation. Further, the various solar rebates and incentives on offer in South Australia mean that solar power is now a real possibility for the majority of Adelaide homes and businesses.

The Federal Government’s solar credits scheme allows solar power consumers in Adelaide with small generation units to collect extra small-scale technology certificates or STCs (formerly known as Renewable Energy Certificates or RECs) – depending on the market price of STCs, this can translate to a saving of up to $3720 on the upfront costs of installation. What’s more, state government incentives allow Adelaide solar power customers to sell excess power back to the main grid at more than double the general domestic-use tariff.

Solar hot water customers in Adelaide get their own rewards. In addition to generating STCs, Australians who upgrade their electric hot water systems to solar hot water systems get a rebate of $1000; Adelaideans may be eligible for a further $500 from the state government.

And then, of course, there are the environmental benefits solar power is the cleanest and greenest source of renewable energy, and produces no waste and no pollution. Adelaide energy customers who make the switch to solar can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and help lead the way to a more sustainable future for Australians.

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