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We install manual winding roller shutters all across Australia.
Modern manual winding roller shutters are one of the most cost-effective types of roller shutters available in the market.

Modern are HIA, Master Builders and Clean Energy Council Accredited.

Cost-Effective, High Quality Manual Roller Shutters

Let Modern help you take full control over your home.

Are you looking for an effective window protection solution for your home? Currently exploring various shutter options and unsure what will suit your home? Modern can help you put things in perspective.

Modern offers Australian families with one of the most cost-effective window protection solutions available in the market; the manual winding roller shutter.

Manual winding roller shutters are operated by a manual handle. The handle allows you to open or close the aluminium slats by simply winding the mechanised handle in a clockwise or anti-clockwise motion.

Over the past 3 decades, manual roller shutters have grown to become immensely popular in the residential space due to their affordability and straight-forward operation. Without having to rely on power mains, manual shutters have proved to be highly effective in times of power outages or emergency house fires. Not having to rely on power mains may be absolutely critical in times of emergency and could be the difference between a house left in rubble or a house still standing.

Extruded aluminium slats with a profile 2.5 times thicker than standard foam profiles.

Modern Manual & Strap Winding Technology

Highly popular and effective form of residential roller shutter control.

Manual Winder System

The Modern manual winder system is one of the most popular residential roller shutter control systems in Australia. The control units fit inside the wall cavity and once concealed provides a very clean and tidy finishing.

How it works:

The manual winder is connected to a woven nylon belt which then runs through a nylon pulley. The pulley is then rotated via the shutter drum, therefore able to operate the opening and closing of the roller shutter slats.

The manual winder system is limited to lifting capacity of 5m2 depending on the type of installation. Its tidy finish makes it a very popular choice for many Aussie families.

Strap Operation

The manual strap shutter control system is known for its smoothness and ease of operation. Much like the manual winding system, the strap system has also been thoroughly tested to improve operation-efficiency and durability.

How it works:

The strap winder control panel is linked up to a nylon pulley connected via a nylon woven belt. The nylon belt is then attached to the drum, controlling the complete operation of the roller shutter slats.

The strap system is limited to a lifting capacity of 3m2 and is only able to lift a certain size of roller shutters. The strap system provides an easy alternative that will suit any budget and need.

The Modern Advantage: Experienced Roller Shutter Experts

Installed across 100,000+ homes in Australia

Modern have helped improve thousands of Aussie homes across Australia. We are one of the leading total home improvement companies in the country and have remained 100% Australian-owned in our entire 35 years of operation. We provide manual roller shutter solutions to SydneyMelbourneBrisbanePerthAdelaide and Hobart.

Excellent value with a great price tag

Modern manual roller shutters provide great value for all homes. No matter if you’re an investor or home-owner, roller shutters are one of the most cost-effective home improvement upgrades for any household. Manual roller shutters slash the expensive price tag of most other home improvement solutions and are a great alternative to electric roller shutters.

Huge range of home improvement benefits

Not only will you feel the instant difference of your new roller shutters, so will the whole family! Roller shutters provide your home with a huge range of extensive benefits. These include but are not limited to: home lighting control, insulation in both winter and summer, improved intruder security and improved bushfire protection. By installing roller shutters on your home, you simply can’t lose.

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Modern Shutter Success Story C. Cutajar, Caroline Springs VIC

Modern were fantastic – They were easy to talk and nice and friendly people to deal with and I love the shutters they installed. They came out, explained how everything worked and how long it will take to install.


Modern Shutter Success Story
F. Atze, Nuriootpa SA

I am writing to say that I was very happy with the service I received an am equally happy with the effect installing the shutters has made. The drop in temperature in my home when closing them during the days is very noticeable in summer.

Modern Shutter Success Story J. Levitt, Sydney NSW

With more and more break ins, we felt it was a good time to give us some more security. We fitted 3 windows and found we’ve been sleeping much better. Modern were reliable, didn’t waste anytime, got on with the job and cleaned up after themselves.