External & Outdoors Louvre Window Shutters

Aluminum louvre shutters are as robust as they are stylish, providing shade, privacy and protection from the weather in your outdoor space. It doesn’t hurt that they look incredible.

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Modern have installed louvre shutters in thousands of homes over four decades

There’s a reason Modern has been one of Australia’s leading louvre shutter installers for so long. We manufacture our aluminum louvres in Australia for Australian weather – that means they’re more functional, better looking and longer lasting.

Choose a local name that thousands of Australians trust for louvre shutters. Make it Modern.

Why Modern louvre shutters


Modern’s louvres are designed and manufactured in Australia for Australian weather. That means long-lasting quality and faster, more reliable delivery.

Shade the sun

Thanks to their tilting blades, you have complete control of the amount of sun that enters your outdoor area. Tilt the blades to allow a cooling breeze through in summer while still shielding you from the sun’s rays.

Control the breeze

Block the breeze in your outdoor area and stay comfortable year round. Felt wool seals on the blade and around the frame further reduces weather penetration when in closed position.

Strongest domestic louvres on the market

All fixings for our louvre shutters are built with marine grade steel and super hard aluminum to ensure long lasting functionality. Specialist blade design ensures maximum rigidity and weather resistance. Virtually no maintenance required.

Effortlessly blends with your home’s decor

Our louvre shutters are available in up to 38 standard colours and over 150 premium powder coated colours. There are several installation options available too - choose between fixed, bi-fold hinged, stacking and slidingThere is sure to be a shade to complement your home’s decor.

Countless design & installation options available

There are several installation options available too - choose between fixed, bi-fold hinged, stacking and sliding. We can tailor out louvres to practically any space or requirement.

Why our customers prefer Modern louvre shutters

Why Modern


Australian-owned & manufactured

Modern is Australian-owned and all our products are made right here so you can be confident in their quality and enjoy faster, more reliable delivery.


Superior workmanship

Our products are designed and manufactured to suit harsh Australian conditions so they last for years and look better for longer.


Industry-leading value

Modern manufacture all of the louvre shutters that we install. That means we’re able to charge only what it costs to craft a high quality product that will improve your home and last for years.


Free on-site consultations and expert advice

Modern offer free on-site consultations and expert advice. Give us a call and one of our friendly installers will visit you to provide a FREE consultation.

Louvre shutters FAQs

How long does it take to order and install Modern louvre shutters?

Modern louvre shutters can be installed as quickly as 4-6 weeks after measuring, depending on your chosen colour.

What are Modern louvre shutters made of?

Modern louvre shutter blades are the strongest and best-made louvre shutters on the market. The blades are manufactured using 6063 grade aluminum specified to T5 hardness, while all fixtures and fittings are made using 304/316 marine grade stainless steel.

What can louvre shutters be used for?

Louvre shutters are incredibly versatile outdoor fittings. They can provide extra sun shading and weather protection in outdoor areas such as balconies or courtyards, as well as added privacy.

Can Modern louvre shutters be customised?

Yes, Modern louvre shutters are fully customisable. They are available in fixed, hinged, bi-fold or stacking installation options, as well as many colours. Blade operation is also fully adjustable.

Partners and Accreditation

We’ve improved over half a million Australian homes. Chances are, you’ve seen our louvre shutters already.

What our customers say about us


The Modern Warranty

Our warranties are secured against a company that has been around for 40 years and will be around for many more. When you buy Modern products you have peace of mind knowing that Modern will still be here to honour your claim – unlike many of our competitors.

Louvre shutters with a difference

Modern is one of the country’s leading suppliers and manufacturers of louvre shutters – we’ve been manufacturing and installing them for over forty years (and we’ll be doing it for many years more).

Over that time, we’ve invested years into research and development to create what we believe are the best looking, longest lasting and most functional louvre shutters on the Australian market.

Unlike louvres from other brands, our louvre shutters look just as good now as they will in ten years – they’ll also swing just as smoothly on their hinges and swivel their blades. That’s because we’ve designed every component in our shutters to be near unbreakable, even with frequent use and constant exposure to the harsh Australian elements.

Choose a name thousands of Australians trust for louvre shutters. Make it Modern.

Louvre shutters are the best way to gain privacy, shade and weather protection for your outdoor area. Don’t let just anyone install yours – choose a name that thousands of Australians trust – a leading manufacturer and installers of durable, functional louvre shutters. Make it Modern.

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