Shutters Terminology Guide (2017)

At Modern we are proud to be Australia’s biggest manufacturer of shutters with a large and knowledgeable team of expert installers. While we aim to explain everything in thorough detail we understand that some things may get lost in translation. Industry jargon is something we try to avoid but there are certain things that we can’t avoid.

To help all of our customers we have put together a shutter terminology guide that you can use to help learn all the parts of your shutters and know exactly what our experts are talking about.

Plantation Shutters: Interior window furnishings consisting of vertical stats which can be opened and closed to allow for sunlight and breeze.

Roller Shutters: Solid Exterior shutters which block out 100% of sunlight when fully closed.

Shutter Frame: This is the solid part of your plantation shutters which attaches to your window frame and supports all of the shutters slats.

Slats: Horizontal pieces of material which can be adjusted up and down to increase or decrease daylight and breeze.

Hidden Rod: This is a thin piece of wood which is hidden inside your plantation shutters to help more the slats as one unit.

Bi-Fold: This is where two plantation shutter panels are attached by hinges, allowing the panels to open and close in sections.

Bi-Pass: An American term used for sliding plantation shutters.

Fixed Louvres: Plantation slats that can not be moved.

Hinge: A movable part that the shutters sit on which can be used to move sections.

Insulation: Provided by both plantation shutters and roller shutters. Shutters will make a big difference during the warmer and cooler months with hot air staying out in summer and warm air staying in during winter.

Louvres: Plantation shutters that are used in exterior parts of the home. These allow sun and air to get through but keep rain out.

Shutter Panel: One complete shutter consisting of slates and shutter frame.

Stiles: Upright pieces of material that support the slats in the shutter panel.

Insulite: A material used to make Modern plantation shutters. Made from a dense polymer foam which looks and feels like real timber but lasts longer.

Curtain Width – This is the width of your roller shutter.

Blades – Also known as slats.

Indoor Bathroom Plantation Shutters

Indoor Plantation Shutters

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