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Modern are industry accredited plantation shutter installers, including HIA, Master Builders and Clean Energy Council.

Professional Roof Restoration Services Sydney

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Want to make your Sydney home look like new again? A Modern roof restoration might be the solution you’re after.

Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but is no stranger to versatile weather. Scorching hot summers, wet winters, and everything in between means your roof is exposed to a barrage of conditions which only expedite roof damage and deterioration. This in turn leaves your property’s visual appearance to go downhill, and end up costly in terms of repairing the damage caused by Sydney’s weather conditions. The cost of a roof restoration is an investment against the future damages and repairs, along with investing in the value of your home.

Roof Restoration is your first line of defence against roof damage and deterioration – it can save you from costly future repairs and transform the appearance of your property.

Modern is the leading Sydney specialist in terracotta tile roof restoration and cement tile roof restoration. Drawing on more than 35 years experience in the home improvement industry, we pride ourselves on doing the job right first time, every time. We provide quality roof restoration services all across NSW, from Campelltown, Canberra, Wollongong and all through the Sydney metropolitan region.

Modern offer a complimentary 33 point roof inspection that can assess the damage to your roof. This allows our team of specialists to provide you with a detailed list of recommendations to restore your roof and rejuvenate your Sydney home.

Restored & Cleaned Sydney Roof

Roof Restoration Services For All Roof Types

We enhance the quality of shelter covering your family - no matter what the material.

Terracotta Tile Roof Restoration Services

Terracotta tiles are made from natural clay, this means moss and lichen will naturally build up on the tiles over time. Leaving this unattended to will cause restrictions to the flow of rain water and eventually cause blockages.

Modern can successfully restore your terracotta tile roofs by using special products to first kill off all existing moss and lichen. We’ll then follow-up with a high pressure to clean and utilise a number of other services to ensure your terracotta roof is looking as shiny and new as possible.

Terracotta roof restoration Sydney

Cement Tile Roof Restoration Services

Concrete and cement tiles are often prone to deterioration over time. The tile surfaces are naturally exposed to the sun, rain and wind all year round. Naturally, this will cause wear and tear and may begin to form structural defects.

Modern uses superior Supablock paint and can transform the appearance of your roof tiles by reflecting off heat and further reduce the level of weather damage caused onto your tiles and roof shingles.

Concrete roof tile restoration Sydney

Metal, Iron & Steel Roof Restoration Services

Neglected or old steel and metal roofs often run the risk of irreparable corrosion and rust damage. However for light rust, we can apply a rust treatment that also provides a strong surface for protective primers and membranes to adhere to. We perform a comprehensive restoration, repairing and restoring guttering, fascias, damaged pointings and flashings.

If your roof is beyond restoration – It may be more cost effective to consider a complete roof replacement. We offer a range of COLORBOND® services and COLORBOND® roofing alternatives.

Before and after a Modern steel roof restoration

Modern have successfully completed thousands of roof restorations across Greater Sydney.
From rebedding to repointing to replacements – If it’s a roof, we can restore it Choose a team of passionate Sydney-based roof restorers who take immense pride in their work. We have local restoration specialists ready for a complimentary inspection and consultation.

The Modern Roof Restoration Process

Perfected across 40 years in Sydney with successful results every time.

Roof Inspection

Our Sydney roof restoration experts have a comprehensive, 33 point inspection that highlights all the potential problems with your roof, such as broken tiles, damaged, flashing, valley and ridges, water damage, and much more. Ask about our 33 point roof inspection and we can arrange one of our accredited specialists to consult with you today.

Roof Cleaning

There’s more to a dirty roof and simply being visually unappealing – A dirty roof can encourage your tiles deteriorating faster, leading to costly repairs down the track. Our Sydney roof restoration specialists use high powered, high quality cleaning tools to remove nasties such as dirt, moss and grime, revitalising the look and health of your roof.

Ridge Capping

Bedding and pointing of your loose caps. Modern Roof Restoration uses high quality materials to ensure proper joining with any loose tiles to protect your roof from water leaks or future dislodgement.

Element Protection – Protect Your Roof From Moss and Fungal Build Up

Moisture in the Sydney air can lead to various forms of fungal life to make your roof their new home. Using a coating of Mouldrid anti-fungal biocide, we inhibit the growth of mould and fungi on your roof, keeping it clean and safe.

Final Roof Coatings

Modern uses Primabond as the final coat on your roof to stabilise the surface, which is then followed with a roof membrane coating to give your roof maximum durability and long term protection from the often harsh Sydney weather.

Before Modern Sydney Roof Restoration
After Modern Sydney Roof Restoration

Proudly Australian-Owned & Operated

Modern are an 100% Australian-owned and operated company. We take immense pride in providing quality roof restoration services that meet the Aussie standard. We service all locations across the Sydney metropolitan area and even across all regional locations such as Orange and Bathurst.

Safe-Guard Your Family Investment

Our homes are one of the most important investments we’ll face in our lives. They act as shelter for our families and are what guards us from the outside world. Safe-guard your most valued investment and ensure the shelter for your family is well maintained with a comprehensive restoration.

7 Year Guarantee on Modern Paint Coatings

With over 30 years in the roof restoration industry, we achieve perfection roof restoration perfection every time. For an extra piece of mind, we back up all roof restoration services with a comprehensive 7 years guarantee on all paint coatings – we have you covered.

Great Power Bill Savings

Modern will not only restore the look and feel of your home, we also work to identify where you can save on power bills. We identify ventilation and roof insulating opportunities throughout your home.

Sydney Branch (Head Office)

Our Sydney office is located in Bella Vista. Please contact us below for any roofing or general enquiries.