Roof Restoration Adelaide



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Increase Property Value

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Roof Restoration Adelaide

If your roof tiles are looking tired and old, it might be time to consider a Modern roof restoration.

Is your house a worthy representation of Adelaide reputation as the beautiful cosmopolitan capital? Modern roof restorations can transform the appearance of your Adelaide home, extend the life of your roof and prevent costly future repairs. Using only the very best technology and the most skilled tradespeople, Modern can restore your tiles good as new and give you the best-looking roof on your street!

Modern is Adelaide’s leading specialist in both cement tile roof restorations and terracotta tile roof restorations.

Cement tile roof restorations Adelaide

Using our tried-and-tested cement tile roof restoration process, we replace all broken and damaged tiles; clean dirt, moss, lichen and fungus from the roof; apply flexible pointing to all capping and Mould Rid to moss spores; prime tiles with Primabond and then seal and cap them with a sealer coat.

We then re-colour the roof with Supablock, the leading roofing coating available on the market today. Supablock helps reflect heat away from your cement roof surface, reducing your cooling needs and cutting your power bills.

Concrete Roof Tile Restoration Sydney

Terracotta tile roof restoration Adelaide

A Modern roof restoration will bring your terracotta tiles back to their former glory using our unique range of maintenance and repair services. We will undo the damage of moss and moisture build-up without resorting to the coatings or paint used elsewhere in the market.

Terracotta roof restoration Adelaide

Modern Are Your Trusted Professionals For Adelaide Roof Restoration Services

Our proven results speak for themselves! Ask about our 7 Year Roof Guarantee giving you complete peace of mind.

When It Comes To Roof Restoration, Adelaide Chooses Modern

7 Year Guarantee on your roof

The roof of your home needs to be maintained at an optimum level at all times. At Modern, we understand this, and with our roof restoration service we offer a 7 year guarantee to keep your roof in perfect health. We rigorously test all products and materials we use to ensure we only apply the best to your home.

Increase the value of your home

On top of the aesthetic benefits, by restoring your old, worn out or damaged roof, you will increase the overall value of your property. The roof of your home can account for up to 40% of your house, this ultimately highlights how much of an asset a clean and well-maintained roof can be for your property.

Invest Now Against Costly Future Repairs

Our roof restoration service seals and protects your roof from future damage and deterioration, potentially saving you from costly future repairs.

Reduce Your Energy Bills

As part of our professional roof restoration, we can also identify potential room for improved ventilation and insulation, helping you cut down the cost of your energy bills.

Modern is Adelaide’s number one home improvement and roof restoration business, with more than 35 years of industry experience behind us. Join thousands of happy Modern customers and enjoy the peace-of-mind of working with the best in the business!


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