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Nursery and Kids Interior Design and Window Covering Ideas

15 Nov 2023

Nursery and Kids Interior Design and Window Covering Ideas

A child’s bedroom is one of the places where they spend most of their time. It follows then that you want the space to reflect the personality of your child. Decorating your child’s room also opens up a world of creativity and has the potential to be one of the most fun and colourful projects you’ll come across. A lot of parents make the mistake of just throwing things together but taking the time to style the room is very important.As a start, you should factor in safety and functionality. Some items like furniture need to be baby proofed. Secondly, styling the space allows you to merge it with the rest of the house. Lastly, you can control your budget as you style the room. Admittedly, the experience can become daunting if you are not sure what you are going for. One important thing to consider is window coverings. Do you use plantation shutters or not? Curtains or blinds? To get you started, here are three reasons window coverings are important for styling the room:

  1. Safety

Whenever you want to buy a new cot, for example, you must meet standards for whether the cot is deep enough, or whether the bars are the right distance apart. The same goes for window treatments. Do not get caught up in the rush to make everything flawless in one day that you forget to consider the safety of your child.

Can your pick incorporate window guards? What about safety devices? Will the child be under direct sunlight? Can your pick be child-proofed? You need to be able to answer these questions adequately before you can pick child and baby room window furnishings. In this article, you will find a list of dos and don’ts when it comes to the safety of your child.

  1. Window coverings help to balance function and form

Plantation shutters can be a great window furnishing to pick for your baby’s room. They will work to filter out light should your baby need to sleep during the day. That way, you get the ultimate balance of privacy and reducing glare. At the same time, the difficulty of making sure that something is practical, easy to use and aesthetic is sorted. You can use the these designs to help fit the space to your other needs.

Child and baby room plantation shutters also help in the fact that they are they can be fitted to many window shapes. As a rule, always choose tranquil colours for your baby’s room. They have a nurturing and calming effect. You can find some ideas here.

  1. Window coverings will affect space

Whatever you choose to install on your windows will form an important part of the design and space. Plantation shutters are lightweight and can be customised for the size of your window.

Note that as soon as you get your window covering right, you will then have to consider the other parts of the room. At best, plantation shutters are a starting point. You will need to consider other things likehow to design the nursery so that the baby can grow there or how to choose storage options that suit your needs.

How Modern can help to transform your child’s bedroom              

The team at Modern can help you to pick the best child and baby room plantation shutters. They can install them and ensure that they are baby safe. The team at Modern can help turn your child’s bedroom into a beautiful, elegant yet functional living space. Protected from prying eyes while also sheltering your baby from the harsh Australian sun, plantation shutters will be the perfect addition to any bedroom. Contact us today to learn more.



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