Manual Roller Shutters vs Electric Roller Shutters

If you are looking for another level of security to add to your home then look no further, roller shutters are your answer. They are a great home security option while still managing to be attractive, stylish and timeless. You have two options when choosing roller shutters, electric and manual. Which one is best for you, depends on your needs and what you are looking for.

Our roller shutter experts have put together the advantages and disadvantages of electric roller shutters vs manual roller shutters to help make your decision a bit easier!

Electric Roller Shutters

The most popular of the two, electric roller shutters are controlled by a small motor that opens and closes just by the push of a button. Controlled by either a remote control or panel mounted on the wall somewhere inside your home. The motor used to open and close your shutters can either be linked up to your electricity or Modern solar power panels – for extra energy efficiency.


  • Easy to open and shut.
  • Ability to use solar panels to power your electric shutters.
  • Fantastic for home owners who may find manual shutters hard to open and close.
  • Durable and offer fantastic protection from the elements and would be intruders.


  • More expensive than manual roller shutters due to more parts required.
  • May be affected by power outages and blackouts.

Manual Roller Shutters

Using a winder or crank, manual roller shutters are opened and closed by hand. This type of shutter is also very popular however slightly less convenient than electric roller blinds. Manual roller shutters are fitted to your windows with the winder located on the inside of the window. This allows you to easily access the winder without having to go outside.


  • Cheaper than electric roller shutters.
  • Ability to open or close one shutter only if you wish.
  • Durable and expertly made to provide excellent window protection
  • No power required and will still function during a power outage or blackout.


  • Can be hard to open for some people and the elderly.
  • Must open and close one shutter at a time using the winder inside each window.

Making the decision of manual shutters vs electric shutters can be difficult but whatever kind of roller shutter you choose, the team at Modern can help you. We take immense pride in being at the forefront in the latest developments in roller shutter technology. All of our roller shutters are made in Australia from the best materials available.

Contact Modern today for a free expert consultation. We have local technicians in all areas of Sydney.

Manual roller shutters

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