Introduction to Roller Shutters

Did you know that 70% of all home break-ins are through vulnerable window openings? It comes as no surprise that windows are considered the target of choice for intruders when planning a home intrusion. So what can Aussie home-owners do to protect themselves and their families from this potential threat?

Residential roller shutters have become one of the most cost-effective ways to improve security and overall aesthetic appeal of any residential household. In fact, roller shutters have become increasingly popular over the past decade in many parts of Australia. This is no coincidence. Residential home-owners across Australia are quickly realising the benefits of roller shutters and there’s no denying the substantial investment value they provide.

What are roller shutters?

Roller shutters are shutters that are mounted above a door or window and can be rolled down to provide a shield of protection for the door or window as needed.

Roller shutters come in a diverse range of sizes and colours to suit all households. This means families are able to quite easily find the perfect roller shutter solution to match their home.

Modern roller shutters are typically made from either steel or aluminium. The first aluminium roller shutter was developed in Germany and has since grown to become the roller shutter of choice by both manufacturers, home-owners and property developers.

Roller shutters comprise of aluminium slats that are joined together to provide a protective barrier for window openings, garage doors and shop fonts. Located in each aluminium slat contains layers of special insulated foam designed to absorb heat in the summer and trap in warm air during the winter.

How do roller shutters work?

The concept of roller shutters is simple. Roller shutters operate by simply rolling up or down advanced side guides fitted onto both sides of the window or door. By following best Australian building design standards, access to the shutter side guides should be very minimal, has been specially designed to prevent intruders from attempting forced entries.

As roller shutters are reclined all the way upwards, they are neatly tucked in behind a narrow cassette. Neighbours and visitors are unable to see this. This preserves the shutters natural beauty and aesthetic appeal.

Types of roller shutter systems

There are a few types of popular roller shutter control systems available in the Australian market. This includes electric motors, battery, strap winders and manual winders. Electric motors and manual winders have proven to be the most popular 2 options in the Aussie market.

With such a diverse range of options, home-owners are able to manually or remotely operate their roller shutters based on their preference and of course, budget.

Electric roller Shutters

Australians opting for the electric motorised option are able to raise and lower their shutters with the convenience of pushing a button. Electric roller shutters offer a complete shutter solution, removing the need to manually wind the shutter handle.

Modern temperature and weather sensors are also viable product options that are able to automatically reline and shut the shutters depending on weather conditions. Areas suffering from constant weather changes may find this a very handy add-on to have.

Manual roller Shutters

Manual roller shutters are just as the name state; they require a small amount of elbow grease to operate. By turning the manual handler clockwise, the window shutter will slowly recline upwards and vice versa to eventually completely shut the shutter.

Benefits of Roller Shutters

Protection against household intruders

One of the key benefits of installing home roller shutters is to ultimately keep unwanted visitors out and the family safe. If intruders were to attempt to force a physical break-in, the positioning and design of the shutter would make it very difficult to pry open. Not only have they being specially design to resist forced entry, they make excellent physical deterrents on their own.

Reduction of noise pollution

If you live near airports, highways or schools, then you will understand first-hand the importance of noise pollution. Roller shutters are one of the best and most effective solutions in blocking out excessive noise from local surroundings.

Aluminium roller shutters are designed to reduce and control the level of noise of up to 50%. Say good-bye to old curtains and blinds and say hello to new window protection technology.

Savings on energy and power bills

Energy prices are constantly on the rise with no signs of stopping anytime soon. An electric or manual roller shutter may act as your family’s saving grace. Industry standards state that roller shutters lower power consumption of up to 64% all year round. Insulation is provided in the winter and heat is absorbed by the shutter foam, keeping your household cool in the summer.

Modern roller shutters designed to suit all types of homes. Safeguard your family with modern household protection.

Motorised, electric home roller shutter system. Control your new shutters with the touch of a button. It’s that simple!

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