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Our streamlined quality range of roller shutters Melbourne for sliding doors and windows increases privacy, insulation and security, and decreases noise. Make contact to learn about our window roller shutters and outdoor blinds, as well as professional installation and prices.

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Modern have installed roller shutters in thousands of homes for over a decade

Trust Modern, a name thousands of Australian homeowners have relied on for more than 40 years for home improvements. We have been installing roller shutters across Australia for over a decade. Our roller shutters are made in Australia to withstand harsh weather conditions. This means they’re built to last and work better.

Why choose Modern roller shutters

Australian made

We offer the highest quality outdoor roller shutters because our range is made in Australia. This also means faster and more reliable delivery.

Electric, battery or manual operation

Choose from manual, battery or electric roller shutters. For motorised convenience, Melbourne homeowners opt for remote control functionality.

Noise reduction & light control

Block out light effectively and as you wish with our range of roller shutters. Homeowners also choose roller shutters for noise reduction.

Improved insulation

Enjoy energy savings with our insulative roller shutters. Substantially block out summer heat and the winter cold—up to 40% of your home’s heat can be lost or retained through windows.

Security and privacy

Increase privacy and security with our professionally installed roller shutters which block entry through windows and sliding doors.

Bushfire-rated option available

Our bushfire-rated roller shutter options add another layer of protection to homes in bushfire-prone areas.

Why our customers prefer our roller shutters

Why Modern


Australian owned & manufactured

We are an Australian owned business and our high quality products are made in Australia to withstand Australia’s harsh climate. Because we are local, you can always rely on faster delivery.


Superior workmanship

Our high quality products are designed and manufactured in Australia to suit local weather conditions which means they last longer and work better.


Industry-leading value

We design and make our roller shutters adding customer value along the way. We’re involved through the whole process from free measure and quote, to manufacture and installation.


Free on-site consultations and expert advice

We offer a no-obligation free measure and free quote. Contact your local Modern team or enquire online to arrange a FREE onsite consultation.

Roller Shutters Melbourne FAQs

How much does it cost to get roller shutters installed in Melbourne?

The cost of roller shutters in Melbourne will depend on the window size and number of windows. For a no-obligation free measure and free quote, enquire online or contact Modern in Melbourne. We also offer payment plans to further support our affordable prices. Contact us today to find out more about our quality roller shutters, great prices, installation and warranties. For additional peace of mind, on roller shutters we offer a 2-year warranty on T-Series tubular motors, a 5-year warranty on shutter panels and frame, a 3-year warranty on coating and movement components, and a 1-year warranty on workmanship and all other fixtures.

What size window roller shutters should you get?

The size of the roller shutter will depend on the size of the window area to be covered. Modern offers a free onsite visit to measure your window or sliding door. We can then quote you, which includes professional roller shutter installation. We don’t recommend DIY because roller shutters are permanent fixtures in your home which add value to your property in the long term. Professional installation also means less roller shutter repair costs and unnecessary electrician bills, and more enjoyment and use.

What are the different types of roller shutters available in Melbourne?

Manual – These can be opened and closed effortlessly using the handles provided, then locked into place.

Electric – Our electric roller shutters are available in various remote-control options, providing motorised convenienceThere are various options to consider when looking at roller shutters. Some of the reasons Melbourne homeowners choose quality roller shutters includes added security, enhanced insulation, increased privacy and noise reduction. Modern’s aluminium roller shutter slats offer significant insulation, keeping hot air out in summer and warm air in during winter. Modern roller shutters are available in a range of functionality options which include:

Battery-operated – Modern’s SmartDrive System gives complete control with a click of a button, and at a great price comparable to a manual winder system.

How do you choose the best style and colouring of roller shutters for your space?

No longer just the domain of commercial properties to deter break-ins as security roller shutters, today, homeowners across Australia choose roller shutters for many residential lifestyle benefits. Outdoor roller shutters can also add curb value to your home. This means style, functionality and colour are considerations for Vic homeowners when selecting roller shutters. Modern roller shutters come in a range of colours and designs. Make contact to find out more about our various colours and functionality options to enhance your style and needs, and add value to your property.

How long does it take to install roller shutters?

To find out about our Melbourne roller shutter installation and order time, contact us today. Because we make our shutter products locally in Australia, we’re able to offer quality products, more reliable and faster delivery, and a great price. We add value through the whole process from an initial free consultation to professional roller shutter installation backed by warranties. Besides new roller shutters, our high quality product range also includes plantation shutters, outdoor blinds and external louvre shutters. To match your lifestyle needs to our extensive range of window shutters, contact your Modern shutter experts in Melbourne, Victoria. We also have teams across Australia in Adelaide, Brisbane, Central Coast, Sydney, Canberra, Perth and Launceston. Contact us today, we’re here to help enhance your lifestyle and home.

Partners and Accreditation

We’ve improved over half a million Australian homes. Chances are, you’ve seen our Roller Shutters already.

Why our customers install roller shutters


The Modern Warranty

Our warranties are secured against a company that has been around for 40 years and will be around for many more. When you buy Modern products you have peace of mind knowing that Modern will still be here to honour your claim – unlike many of our competitors.

Australia’s Best Roller Shutters

Modern is one of the country’s leading suppliers of roller shutters. We design and manufacture them right here in Australia to endure harsh Australian conditions and ensure faster delivery.
There are few window furnishings that offer the same level of security, noise reduction and privacy as rollers shutters. Modern’s aluminium roller shutters are inbuilt with insulation and completely cover your windows from the outside to block out sunlight, street noise, keeping intruders out and maintaining privacy from neighbours. We even offer bushfire-rated roller shutters for added peace of mind. Modern’s roller shutters are manufactured from high-grade, architectural quality extruded aluminium.

To make your home safer, more comfortable and more private, there’s only one shutter for you. Choose Modern roller shutters.

Window roller shutters to add security to your home

Besides security doors, window roller shutters add security to your home by securely covering windows and sliding doors, deterring break-ins. Enjoy peace of mind at night, during the day, or when you’re away for days or weeks knowing your home is safer with security roller shutters.

Electric roller shutters for ease of use

Whether you use roller shutters for security, noise reduction and/or privacy reasons, enjoy the ease of use with electric roller shutters. With a press of a button, your motorised shutters respond making them easy and effortless to use. We also offer manual and battery-operated control mechanisms. Our team does the full installation so no need for an electrician on the day of installation.

Lifestyle roller shutters to suit all home styles

Modern have improved and enhanced more than half a million homes across Australia. Our window roller shutters’ high quality and versatile design options mean you can choose the best roller shutter to suit your home. Quality roller shutters not only increase the security of your home but also add seasonal functionality increasing comfort by keeping heat out in summer and warmth in during winter. The durability of our products means they last longer and work better—our products are designed and manufactured in Australia to suit harsh Australian conditions.

All your window covering needs

Modern is Australia’s leading manufacturer and installer of high-quality roller shutters with more than 40 years of experience in home improvement. We are shutter experts having installed new roller shutters in hundreds of thousands of homes across Australia. Our customers enjoy additional peace of mind with up to a 10-year warranty. Besides roller shutter products, roller shutter installation and roller shutter repairs, Modern offer an extensive range of other high-quality products for home improvement, enhancement and enjoyment. These include outdoor blinds, plantation shutters, louvre shutters and solar PV. We also have great offers and specials for customers to benefit from across Australia.

Choose a name thousands of Australians trust for roller shutters. Make it Modern.

Your home is your biggest asset. Don’t trust just anyone to install your roller shutters – get the job done right with Australia’s leading manufacturers and installers of high quality Roller Shutters. Make it Modern.

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