3 reasons to choose Roller Shutters over sliding doors

Roller shutters are the perfect window solution to provide security and protection from the outside world. Many homes have this type of shutters fitted to windows, but why should roller shutters only be used on external windows? Roller shutters are perfect for external doors around your home, providing another layer of protection.

Not sure if door roller shutters are for you? Our experts have come up with 3 great reasons why you should consider roller shutters for your doors.

Protection from the elements

Door openings can be a perfect magnet for hail, rain and strong wind. Roller shutters provide protection from glass doors and any door ways that are susceptible to damage. Australia has seen some nasty storms the last few months with many homes being damaged by large hail and gale force winds.

Electric roller shutters are easy to roll down when you need fast and quick protection. Your doors will be fully protected by our strong roller doors, saving you lots of money in repairs. Besides protection from rain and hail, roller shutters also give superior protection from the harsh summer sun.

Glass doors intensify the hot sun as it comes into your home making rooms very comfortable in summer. Roller shutters block much of this heat meaning you live more comfortably during the hot months, not to mention your energy bill will thank you.

Protection from intruders

Many modern homes have large glass doors leading to backyard entertaining areas. These large glass doors are a perfect way for home intruders to gain easy access to your home. Don’t leave these areas vulnerable, roller shutters are a great way to protect your home. Many burglars will see roller shutters as a deterrent. They are extremely hard to open. In many cases a potential intruder will not even be able to make your shutter budge.

Roller shutters will also provide peace of mind if you are ever away from your home for long periods of time eg. when you go on holidays. Leave your home safe and secure while you enjoy your time away knowing that your home and belongings are protected.

They add value to your home

Roller shutters have come a long way from the flimsy steel shutters you used to see protecting storefronts and homes. Roller shutters add fantastic aesthetic value to your home, through designs that will never go out of fashion. For home buyers this is something they will look out for when looking for a new home.

At Modern, our roller shutters easily fit in with your homes design. With many different colours to choose from there will always be a roller shutter design you like. Go as subtle as you like or make your roller shutters a statement piece.

At Modern, our MOD55 roller shutter is perfect for large windows and sliding doors. With a wide range of colours you will have no problem finding a colour combination to suit your needs.

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