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  • Solar Hot Water

    Solar Hot Water

    Solar Hot Water Panel

    Heating water with a traditional hot water system in your home accounts for around up to 40% of your total household energy use, and therefore a large chunk of your energy bill each quarter. On top of that, water heating is the largest single source of greenhouse gas emissions from most Australian homes, accounting for around 23 per cent of the average household's emissions.

    A solar hot water system can save up to $700 a year off your electricity bill as well as reducing your yearly household carbon emissions by a quarter – good for the environment and your family budget.

    There are so many ways you can save with a Modern solar hot water system, and there is no better time than now to upgrade from an electric water heater to a solar hot water system.

  • How it works?

    When the sun is shining, solar collectors from your Modern Solar Hot water system heat up the water in your solar hot water tank. This hot water is then circulated to the bottom of the tank. Hot water rises, so the heated water travels to the top of the tank and, whilst the sun is shining, more and more hot water is added and the water in the tank gradually heats up.


    When you use hot water in your home, the water is provided at mains pressure from your Modern storage water tank. The hot water is drawn out near the top of the tank (this is the hottest part of the tank) and delivered into your home.

    The solar collectors on the roof of your house are in the sun all day, it is common for the non-circulating water inside to get very hot. A tempering valve is supplied with all Modern solar hot water systems, which can moderate the temperature of water for safety reasons.

    Electric boost solutions:

    • If you have continuous day rate electricity then Modern have a special solar thermostat built into the tank, which automatically senses when the water temperature has dropped from its preset temperature of 60°C. This automatically turns on the electric booster located in the centre of the tank, which heats the top half of the tank back up to 60°C.
    • If you have off peak rate electricity selected then the automatic thermostat won't turn on until the off peak electricity turns on in the middle of the night which shall provide power and once again heat the top half of the tank to 60°C.
  • Product Range

    Install a solar hot water system from Modern Solar and save energy with every drop of water. All Modern solar hot water systems carry a 5 year manufacturer's guarantee and a 1 year warranty on installation.

    Modern Australia is the leading provider of solar hot water systems in Australia and has over 35 years experience in the home improvement sector. Modern prides itself on its providing unsurpassed customer service and exceeding the expectations of our customers.

    MODSOL 3001CW Solar Hot Water System

    • 300L tank + 1 collector
    • Ideal for 1 – 2 person household
    • One high efficiency, flat-plate solar collector with TINOX technology

    MODSOL 3002CW Solar Hot Water System

    • 300L tank + 2 collectors
    • Ideal for small households with up to 3 people
    • Two high efficiency, flat-plate solar collectors with TINOX technology

    MODSOL 4002CW Solar Hot Water System

    • 400L tank + 2 collectors
    • Ideal for larger households of up 5 – 6 people
    • Two high efficiency, flat-plate solar collectors with TINOX technology
  • System Components

    Modern offer a range of solar hot water systems that allow you to generate your own hot water, reducing your carbon footprint as well as your energy bill. Each component of Modern's solar hot water system works in unison to provide your home with a sustainable, energy-efficient and cost-effective supply of hot water.

    Modern Solar Collectors

    Modern use only high efficiency flat plates with TINOX technology. Our patented solution includes a 95% titanium absorber, which still works when the sun is hiding behind clouds.

    Each collector has:

    • 8 copper tubes and 2 copper heads to maximise heat transfer
    • 4mm high impact, low iron, tempered glass for maximum solar performance
    • Thick insulation wool to insulate the collector and reduce heat loss
    • An outer casing and back that is made of corrosion resistant aluminium

    Modern Solar Tanks

    our-tanks large

    All Modern solar hot water tanks are lined with vitreous enamel and use an interior coat of silica glass, backed up by two magnesium sacrificial anodes to prevent corrosion. An electric booster is located half way up the tank to heat only the water you are about to use when there is not enough sunlight.

    The Modern solar hot water control system circulates the water between the collector and the tank using an efficient pump. To ensure the water in the tank remains hot, the pump automatically turns on to pump water into the tank when the collector is hot, and automatically turns off as the collector cools down.

  • Rebates & Credits

    Solar hot water rebates made available by the Federal and State governments have now closed, however, you may be able to take advantage of STCs to offset the initial cost of their investment in sustainable water heating solutions.

    Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) are part of Australia's Solar Credits Scheme. Recently renamed to small-scale technology certificates or STCs, RECs are an electronic currency earned when any renewable energy system such as solar panels or solar hot water systems are installed. This electronic currency can result in a huge discount on solar energy systems at point of sale; alternatively, they can be traded for cash. The value of RECs depends on the area in which you live and fluctuates according to market forces.

    A single REC is equivalent to one megawatt hour of electricity generation. RECs can be seen as a measure of the efficiency of a solar hot water system and its ability to generate free hot water using the sun's heat. Essentially, more efficient systems earn more RECs. While RECs are offered for both grid connected systems and off grid systems, more RECs are generally earned for grid connected systems.

    With climate change at the forefront of Australian politics and rising energy bills across the country, it is no surprise that more and more Australians are taking advantage of RECs – or STCs – and installing solar power in their homes and businesses.

    All Modern solar products qualify for RECs, which can reduce the cost of a Modern system by thousands of dollars, depending on the area you live and the model purchased.


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