Hybrid solar has always sounded like the best of the both worlds.

Hybrid solar systems have always sounded like the best of the both worlds. Who wouldn't want both the high power output of grid-connected solar with the ability to save the extra power you generate into batteries?

The problem has been that the investment needed for an off-grid or hybrid solution can cost up to 3 times that of a conventional grid setup. Batteries were simply too expensive. But times have changed. Solar battery prices are plummeting, and Australians now have a genuine avenue to beat manipulative power companies and feed-in tarrifs.

In the past, the return on investment of solar batteries was not a benefit. It's always been logical, but only recently has it become feasible. Most people who invested in an off-grid or hybrid solar solution did so because they had no access to the grid in their remote area, had connectivity consistency issues, or simply wanted to disconnect themselves from the grid system for personal or political reasons.

Now, hybrid solar systems have become a no-brainer for Australian solar.

What is a Hybrid Solar System?

A Hybrid System is essentially a traditional Solar PV panel rooftop system that includes batteries. These batteries store excess power generated to be later used at offpeak or emergency times.

Traditional Solar PV panel systems sell excess power back to the grid for a fixed return. The logic behind Hybrid systems is that this excess power is more cost-effectively used to power your home at expensive offpeak times during the night instead of selling the power back to the grid.

Hybrid Systems are skyrocketing in popularity for a range of reasons, primarily due to the dropping costs of solar energy batteries, and increasing frustration with the energy companies who manage the grids.

Hybrid systems do require a higher initial investment than traditional solar pv systems (typically up to twice as much). However, this cost is highly variable depending on your location, setup, energy company and requirements.

What is a Hybrid B.E.S.S Solar System?

Why Hybrid Solar is About to Take Off in Australia

Solar battery storage is no longer as expensive

90% of Australian's surveyed in market research either strongly agreed or agreed that the biggest challenge with converting to solar storage technology is the initial investment cost.

People are tired of feeding excess power to the grid for pennies

Over the years, power companies have become increasingly cheap with the amount they're paying for the excess energy that our solar systems generate. Now the power is back in the homeowner's hands.

Conventional solar gives no protection against power outages

Regular solar panel systems will shut down in a power outage. What good is an environmentally sustainable power solution that won't work if the grid is down?

You no longer need to get ripped off by the power companies.

Solar energy storage solutions are no longer for the isolated or politically correct. They're for the average Australian who want more return on their solar investment.

Solar energy battery prices are plummeting

Australian State Energy Department officers are discussing the liklihood that household solar battery storage will be commonplace within the next 10 years across Australia.

Hybrid solar lets you store that excess energy for yourself instead

You can store the power generated during the day to be used at night when there is no sun. Instead of measly returns on excess power back to the grid, use your excess energy at night,when electricity prices are at peak.

Hybrid is always connected with backup battery power storage

As battery storage is off the grid, any technical issues or outages from the grid means you have a comfortable backup plan. Free power insurance.

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