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Using a renewable energy with generous government rebate schemes means solar energy is best for both your wallet and the environment. For over 35 years, we've led the Australian solar industry with over 20,000 successful installations and satisfied clients.

Modern makes solar simple - Lower bills, higher home value. If you're tired of ridiculous power bills and are ready to switch to solar, see our solar power options below for more information. We can offer a free consultation with our local accredited solar experts to talk through your options. Please enquire here for help determining the best solar power solution based on your home, budget and requirements.


Our Solar Power Services


Solar PV Panels

Interested in solar electricity conversion? Modern's Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels are German engineered with absolute precision and field tested for Australian conditions. Our panels and inverters meet and exceed strict international quality guidelines and are IEC 61215 accredited.


Solar Hot Water Panels

Heating water with regular hot water system in your home accounts for around up to 40% of your total household energy use. A solar hot water system from Modern can save up to $700 a year off electricity bills as well as reducing household carbon emissions by 25%. Good for both the environment and budget.


Hybrid Solar (BESS)

Hybrid solar systems combine the solar energy generated from traditional solar photovoltaic panels with excess energy stored into batteries. Also called BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems), in the long term hybrid systems are more cost-effective that straight panel setups in the long term.

Our solar power systems use Tier 1 and 2 technology with the best grade of silicon.

Why Go Solar?

  • Lower Bills, Better Environment:

    Solar power conversion means you can generate your own energy rather than paying for expensive electricity generated by fossil fuels from the power grid. Generating 'too much' solar energy is never an issue either - In fact, you can sell it back to the power grid for extra income. Solar power dramatically cuts your energy bills, while making the switch to solar power you can help reduce the impact of climate change and lead the way to a sustainable Australia.
  • Improve Home Value:

    Modern solar systems will start saving you money on your energy costs from the day they’re installed. Studies show that the installation of solar increases home value by 4 percent – an impressive number figuring that a $500,000 property will add $20,000 come auction day.
  • Sell Electricity Back to the Grid:

    When your solar power system generates excess power, this electricity can be fed back into the grid, effectively running your electricity meter backwards and saving you money. Many states have feed-in tariffs, which pay you multiple credits for each electricity unit fed into the grid from your solar system.
  • Shrink your Family's Carbon Footprint:

    Solar helps us all play our part towards improving the environment and lowering our emissions. You can genuinely contribute to the environmental wellbeing and future of Australia's renewable energy industry by converting to solar power.
  • Claim Government and Tax Benefits

    : The Federal Australian government offers support to both residential solar and commercial solar. Our solar installers can help talk you through the available government rebates to ensure you're maximising your potential return on the Renewable Energy Target (RET) scheme and other funding, such as the new small business tax breaks that can be used to install a solar system up to $20,000.
  • Solar Energy Technology has Come a Long Way

    : Modern use only advanced Tier 1 & 2 components & proven manufacturing processes for our solar arrays. This ensures Modern delivers the best mono-crystalline panels, inverters, mounting racks & cabling. All of the solar panels that Modern install come with a 25 year panel efficiency warranty, meet strict international guidelines, are IEC61215 & IEC61730 accredited & our installers are CEC licensed. With accreditations & membership with recognised industry bodies & partnerships, both locally & globally, Modern is the credible name in solar power for homes that delivers with consistency & integrity.

Why Choose Modern for Solar?

  • Australia's Solar Industry Veterans: Modern have been installing solar panel systems across Australia for over 35 years. We perform installations and maintenence across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart with multiple offices for each state.
  • Small Residential Solar to Large-scale Commercial Solar: We will help you determine the optimal solar power system based on your budget and energy consumption. On a budget and have low power requirements? A 1kw system may be perfect. Most Australian households require a 3kw-5kw system in order to effectively offset their energy usage. Our solar experts will run you through the installation prices and associated solar power costs.
  • We're Clean Energy Council Accredited: With proven German-engineered technology and backed by a 25 year panel efficiency warranty, a Modern solar system will not only save you money on bills for years to come, it will also increase the value of your home. Our solar experts design a system to suit your needs and budget. With extensive products and sizes, we can tailor the right solution for every home. Once installed, Modern solar panels require little maintenance. You will save money without any effort from the day they’re installed.

Common Solar Power Questions

How does installing solar power help the environment?

Solar is the cleanest, greenest and most viable form of energy available. It produces no waste or pollution, does not contribute to global warming, acid rain or smog and reduces our reliance on dirty coal-fired electricity, which causes massive amounts of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. Solar power is completely renewable – so it will never run out – and in sun-drenched Australia, there is plenty of it!

How can solar power be used in my home?

Solar power can be easily used in your home by installing a grid-connect or an off-grid solar power system, and / or a solar hot water system.

What is a grid-connect solar power system?

Grid-connect solar systems convert sunlight directly into electricity via solar panel arrays mounted on the roof, powering your home. They work any time the sun is shining; at night and in bad weather, your home gets its power from the main network. When a grid-connect solar power system generates excess power, this electricity can be fed back into the grid, effectively running your electricity meter backwards and saving you money.

What is an off-grid or stand-alone solar power system?

Off-grid solar power systems are most commonly used in country areas that are not connected to the main electricity grid. These systems work by converting the sunshine that hits your solar panel into electricity that supplies your property and charges the battery bank. At night or in bad weather, power comes from the battery into your home; if the battery level gets low, a generator can be used to power your home and charge the battery.

Will solar power save me money?

Because a solar system allows you to generate your own, independent source of power, solar power significantly reduces the amount of electricity you need to purchase from your energy provider, drastically cutting your power bill. Further, grid-connect solar systems in most areas of Australia are eligible to collect feed-in tariffs; if your solar power system produces more power than you use, this energy is fed back into the main grid and sold to your energy company. There are also government rebates available to most solar power Australian customers in the form of small-scale technology certificates (STCS, formerly RECs). STCs can knock several thousand dollars off the upfront cost of a solar power system.

Are there rebates available for installing solar power systems?

There are Federal Government rebates – and other financial incentives – available to most Australian customers installing solar power systems and solar hot water systems. There are also State Government rebates available in most areas. These rebates can reduce the costs of a solar system by thousands of dollars.

Does Modern Solar provide quality guarantees on their solar power systems?

Modern Solar stand behind every solar panel they install by providing a 25-year manufacturer's warranty. All Modern solar hot water systems come with a 5-year manufacturer's guarantee.

How do I arrange installation of a Modern solar system?

Modern is one of the leading suppliers and accredited installers of solar panels and solar hot water systems in Australia. To install a Modern solar system or to simply find out a little more, enquire online or call Modern to talk to one of our friendly solar consultants.

Modern have had thousands of successful solar panel system installation jobs across Australia.

Solar Panels Success Story<br />G. Miller, Pakenham QLD

Solar Panels Success Story
G. Miller, Pakenham QLD

We felt the need to get solar power because of the rising cost of electricity. The Solar consultant from Modern went through everything in detail, answered all of our questions (even our silly ones) and she came out at a time that suited us. I'd recommend Modern because of their service, professionalism, and expertise.

Solar Panels Success Story<br />P. Thompson, Sydney NSW

Solar Panels Success Story
P. Thompson, Sydney NSW

I don't think I'd have any hesitation about recommending Modern to anyone who wanted to switch to a solar system because really, it's a quality product - There are lots of less efficient solar products from firms who haven't been around as long. If you need backup if anything goes wrong with your system, Modern will be there.

Solar Panels Success Story <br />C. Finn, Rosebud VIC

Solar Panels Success Story
C. Finn, Rosebud VIC

I would recommend Modern solar panels to friends, even my neighbours. I was looking into solar because of high electricity prices. Modern asked if they would like someone to come out and give me a quote. I was very impressed with the installers - They noticed my tiles crack easily, and would not install until there were new tiles.

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13 Meridian Pl BELLA VISTA NSW 2153

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ABN: 52 077 248 090 Builders Licence: 86266C


13 Meridian Pl BELLA VISTA NSW 2153

P: 13 11 78 F: 02 8818 2201

ABN: 52 077 248 090 Builders Licence: 86266C


13 Meridian Pl BELLA VISTA NSW 2153

P: 13 11 78 F: 02 8818 2201

ABN: 52 077 248 090 Builders Licence: 86266C


13 Meridian Pl BELLA VISTA NSW 2153

P: 13 11 78 F: 02 8818 2201

ABN: 52 077 248 090 Builders Licence: 86266C