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Are you considering installing roller shutters for your home? Modern’s roller shutters offers superior protection from the wild Australian weather, keeps out unwanted intruders and offers a great deal of privacy for the entire family. Aesthetically-pleasing and contemporary, these secure shutters add significant long-term value and benefits to your home.

Our roller shutters are built using the highest quality of materials the industry has to offer. We are the largest suppliers of window roller shutters in Australia, with dedicated local installers operating in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart.

Protect the Home & Family with Max Security

A superior defence system and an effective visual deterrent, our secure shutters help protect and and prevent potential home break-ins. With an automatic locking system, our roller shutters works as the perfect barrier against forced home intrusions.

Save on Energy Bills with Improved Thermal Insulation

Modern roller shutters provides a thick wall of insulation that works to keep the blazing heat out in summer and keep the much needed warmth in water. This can dramatically cut energy costs all-year-round and significantly reduce power bills - potentially saving you hundreds of dollars in the many years to come.

Flexible Noise & Light Control

Independent laboratory testing has proven effective reduce noise transmission through a window opening by up to 50%*. The insulation within the shutters provides the ultimate protection from unwanted noise such as traffic, lawn mowers, dogs and airplanes; perfect for shift workers and those with small children who need total environment control.

Protection from Severe Rain, Storm or Hail

Modern roller shutters provides added protection against severe rain, hail or storms. Our roller shutters are made from some of the highest quality materials in the industry and will not rattle in high winds, heavy rain or even hail. The tough aluminium protects your home from fallen tree branches, flying debris and broken glass that can come with severe storms.

Proven Bushfire Protection

Unlike low quality and cheap roller shutters, Modern Roller shutters are quality tested by CSIRO. Our roller shutters have proven to provide added protection against even the deadliest of heat damage - Bushfires. CSIRO test results show that Modern roller shutters retain their integrity and remain operable, even at peak exposure levels.

Filter out Harmful UV Rays

Improve your household security against the sun and prevent harmful UV rays from entering your home. Our shutters will protect your furniture, carpets and interior furnishings from excessive UV exposure. Fading and damages caused may potentially lead to expensive household item replacements - costing your family dearly in the long-run.

Unsecure windows before our security roller shutters have been installed.
Unsecure windows after our security roller shutters have been installed.

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Modern Roller Shutters - The Ultimate Home Protection

More and more Australians are turning to Modern roller shutters as a simple and versatile means of both domestic and commercial protection for homes and businesses. With a variety of colours and models to choose from, we can arrange the most suitable roller shutter to suit your home.

Curious on the cost of shutters? Roller shutters may actually be cheaper than you think. Not only is the initial investment affordable - There is ongoing savings in energy bills due to improved insulation. Your insurance company may even offer reduced premiums due to increased fire and burglary protection offered directly from a roller shutter installation. If you're in the market for roller shutters and are after a price guide - please get in touch with us through our online form to get an idea for our roller shutter prices.

It's a fact that nearly all domestic break-ins across Australia occur through unprotected windows. Modern's domestic roller shutters have proven to be an effective deterrent against unwanted intruders gaining access to your home through unprotected windows. Potential intruders are far less likely to break into a property where they see roller shutters. The time taken and noise created in attempting to a gain access through a roller shutter is a huge deterrent - something no intruder would want to face.

Modern Roller Shutters are made of superior strength material, making it incredibly difficult to break or bend. Coupled with an automatic and unique locking system, Modern Roller Shutters are the perfect barrier against forced intrusion, making entry practically impossible; and they also add many other features and benefits besides security.

Modern Electric Roller Shutters

Electric Roller Shutters

Electric roller shutters provide convenience and efficiency for the whole family. Modern use the latest electrical operation systems from Somfy Tubular Motors. Our electronic roller shutters are available in a range of remote control options, providing an operation range of up to 200 metres or up to 20 metres through control wall.

Electric Roller Shutters

Manual Roller Shutters Australia

Manual Roller Shutters

Modern's manual roller shutters have been tested over many years to achieve maximum reliability. Our manual winders can lift up to a capacity of 5m2 depending on the type of installation. They are both easy to install and use and provide a cost-effective alternative to electric roller shutters.

Manual Roller Shutters

Modern Bushfire Rated Roller Shutters

Bushfire Roller Shutters

Modern's bushfire rated roller shutters are built to withstand heat. They are able to resist a radiant heat exposure of up to 40 kw/m2. Independent CSIRO tests have proven that your home stands a much better chance against a bushfire if it is fitted with Modern bushfire rated roller shutters.

Bushfire Roller Shutters


MOD400 Roller Shutter

  • Secure & Sturdy: Our thickest & strongest model and made from double-skinned aluminium. Long term resistance to fades and scratches.
  • Insulating: Slats injected with polyurethane foam.
  • Choice: Electric Motor or E-Series touch operation.
  • Colours: Wide range of colour combinations.

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MOD55 Roller Shutter

  • Large Windows: Perfect for larger windows, sliding doors and commercial shop-fronts. 55m slat size.
  • Flexible: Each shutter allows for a span of up to 4m without resorting to multiple shutters.
  • Colours: Wide range of colour combinations to suit most Australia homes.

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MOD401 Roller Shutter

  • Quality: Made from 100% extruded aluminium with high compressive strength and rigidity.
  • Flexible: Extruded slats can be used with our MOD400/MOD55 shutters for extra strength.
  • Fire Protection: Perfect for bushfire prone areas with a BAL40 rating.

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Operational Options and Extras

Want to add more value to our existing roller shutters? We feature a range of upgrades available to maximise the value of your new roller shutter. Choose from our range of extras below and get the most out of your roller shutter.

Shutter Pelmet Box

Add a touch of class to your shutters with a roller shutter pelmet box. Available in a traditional square and contemporary round feature with 4 varying sizes, our pelmet boxes are available in a 4 standard colours, or you can choose from a range of powder-coated Dulux colours to suit your home. Click here to order your pelmet box.

Cleaning Kit

Keep your roller shutters looking brand new with Modern's shutter cleaning kit. Containing all the essentials you require, including a specially formulated cleaning liquid, to ensure your shutters are protected and looking the best they possibly can. Click here to order your shutter cleaning kit.

Roller Shutter Repair

Having any issues with winding or dents in your roller shutters? We can help repair any mechanical, electrical or operational. Please get in touch with us so we can find out more about the problem and organise to send a roller shutter repair specialist out to your home.

Not sure which shutters are the best for your property and budget? We'll help you out.
We have local installers in your area ready to visit your home for a complimentary measure and consultation to discuss your options.Request a Free Roller Shutter Consultationor Call 13 11 78

Industry-Leading Shutter Technology

The team at Modern take immense pride in being at the forefront of the latest developments in roller shutter technology. With over 35 years experience in the home improvements industry, Modern are one of Australia’s leading roller shutter specialists.

100% Australian-made, all Modern roller shutters are produced at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in South Australia – the largest shutter manufacturer in the southern hemisphere. We continually test and perfect our shutters for proven performance in Australia’s harsh environment.

Traditionally, window roller shutters have been operated by manual winder handles, which can make them cumbersome to use and subject to wear and aging. Modern’s market leading SmartDrive system gives you full control of your window shutters at the touch of a button; at a price comparable to manual winder system. Never again will you have to worry about straps breaking and fraying from wear and tear, winders not winding or manual controls that are too heavy to use.

Powered by a long life, low voltage power supply, Smart Drive is energy efficient and replaces the need for straps or winders. The system works just like an iPad you just plug into an AC outlet and recharge the battery after approximately 60 cycles. Plus there's battery back-up for full safety during power cuts and you don't need an electrician to install them. And, best of all, Smart Drive is also suitable for retro-fitting to existing roller shutters. Modern's SmartDrive roller shutters are a well-priced alternative to electric roller shutters.

E-Series Roller Shutter

Modern's ESeries electric operated roller shutters

The latest in roller shutter innovation, Modern's E-Series combines the convenience of motorisation with the affordability of a manual roller shutter in a clever, easy to use, one button system. E-Series is available on our entire range of roller shutters and is suitable for retro-fitting to existing shutters.

  • Easy to use - one touch operation
  • Ideal for bushfire prone areas where battery backup is required
  • Long battery life & low voltage power supply - extremely energy efficient
  • Not reliant on mains - no electrician required for install
  • No exposed control tape
  • Maintenance free & tamper-proof
  • No minimum width restrictions - suitable for bay windows
  • Can operate on multiple shutters

Enviro Blind

Modern roller shutters utilise Enviro Blind fire protection technology.

New from Modern, Enviro Blind window shutters are an environmentally friendly shutter alternative. Produced using an eco-friendly foam that uses water as the blowing agent rather than a blowing agent that has ozone depleting potential, Modern's Enviro Blinds are a world class, environmentally safe product. These premium, double-skinned security shutters allow you to lessen the heat coming into your home during the summer, and reduce heat loss through your windows in the winter, substantially reducing your heating and cooling costs.

CSIRO Proven Bushfire Protection

Independent CSIRO tests have conclusively proven that your home stands a better chance against a bushfire if it is fitted with Modern roller shutters.

Extensive simulated bushfire exposure tests have been carried out on Modern roller shutters against unprotected windows. These tests have shown that Modern roller shutters are able to withstand radiant heat flux of 40 kw/m while the unprotected windows began cracking from a radiant peak flux of 8kw/m2, with the window totally disintegrating just 2.43 seconds later.

Further CSIRO tests conducted on the MOD401 extruded shutter proved that the window shutter could withstand an even higher radiant heat exposure of 40 kw/m2. After 60 minutes of intense heat and severe pressure, the MOD401 shutter achieved a BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) of 40 in accordance with Australian Standard 1530.8.1-2007.

Ember attacks are the most common way that houses catch and are destroyed during a bushfire attack. The intense heat from the fire causes unprotected windows to crack and explode, leaving homes open exposed to falling embers which enter the house through the shattered windows and cause extensive damage.

Independent CSIRO tests have conclusively proven that a home stands a better chance against a bushfire if it is fitted with Modern Roller Shutters. Extensive simulated bushfire exposure tests have been carried out on Modern Roller Shutters. These tests have shown that the Modern Roller Shutters were able to withstand radiant heat flux of 40 kw/m2. The same tests showed that unprotected windows began cracking from a radiant peak flux of 8kw/m2, with the window totally disintegrating just 2.43 seconds later.3 After 60 minutes of intense heat and severe pressure, the Modern Roller Shutter protected window remained operational, protecting the window and preventing embers from entering the home. For a well-priced roller shutter that protects your home, Modern roller shutters are the answer.


Serviced Locations

New South Wales: Sydney's Largest Roller Shutter Installers

Residential roller shutters are Sydney's most cost-effective and easiest home improvement solutions.

Roller shutters are fast becoming the number one choice for window protection across many Sydney homes. With many local families moving towards roller protection, it's becoming quite clear what solution offers the best value for money.

From Penrith to Potts Point, from Ku-ring-gai to Campbelltown. We have Sydney covered.

Our consultants and installers have a long history and understanding of your local weather conditions and security requirements. This applies to all residential homes - wherever you may live across Sydney. Whether it's the scorching heat of Penrith, Greater Western Region, the busy CBD or Eastern Suburbs, our professional roller shutter installers will arrive at your property and provide an accurate evaluation of your home to determine the best roller shutter solution to meet your budget.

Not only do we service the entire Sydney area, we also provide complete roller shutter solutions to the Central Coast and Wollongong regions. Contact us for a free consultation today.

Roller Shutters in Sydney Home

Australia Chooses Modern Shutters for Style, Security & Sustainability.

Modern Shutter Success Story<br />C. Cutajar, Caroline Springs VIC

Modern Shutter Success Story
C. Cutajar, Caroline Springs VIC

Modern were fantastic - They were easy to talk and nice and friendly people to deal with and I love the shutters they installed. They came out, explained how everything worked and how long it will take to install.

Modern Shutter Success Story<br />F. Atze, Nuriootpa SA

Modern Shutter Success Story
F. Atze, Nuriootpa SA

I am writing to say that I was very happy with the service I received an am equally happy with the effect installing the shutters has made. The drop in temperature in my home when closing them during the days is very noticeable in summer.

Modern Shutter Success Story<br />J. Levitt, Sydney NSW

Modern Shutter Success Story
J. Levitt, Sydney NSW

With more and more break ins, we felt it was a good time to give us some more security. We fitted 3 windows and found we've been sleeping much better. Modern were reliable, didn't waste anytime, got on with the job and cleaned up after themselves.


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