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  • 35 Years Experience Restoring Roofs
  • We Cover it All - Restorations, Repairs, Painting & Guttering
  • Free 33 Point Roof Inspection - Repair and restore it all.

Our Roof Restoration Process

Considering a roof restoration? Whether you're tired of constant leaks, noise and repairs, or whether the impression of your home is being ruined by an unsightly roof - Modern can help. Modern are Australia's leading roof specialists, experienced with all roof materials affected under our harsh Australian conditions and weather.

  • Roof Inspection

    Our roof inspection covers it all; Identifying loose or broken tiles & gutters, moss, lichen and water damage, damaged flashing, valley & ridges, pointing/bedding and broken/damaged tiles to repair. Concerned about the condition of your roof? We can offer a complimentary 33 point roof inspection to assess and recommend the best course of action for restoring your roof.
  • Roof Cleaning

    A dirty roof doesn't only look ugly - It deteriorates the condition of your tiles, leading to costly future repairs and replacements. Our high pressure cleaning removes dirt, moss, lichen and algae - You may be surprised how well a good high pressure cleaning can breathe new life into your roof.
  • Ridge Capping

    Full repointing and loose caps that require rebedding. We ensure proper joining of any loose tiles to protect from dislodging and leaking.
  • Element Protection

    Roof and guttering rinsed off, ready for a coating of Mouldrid anti-fungal biocide to inhibit mould growth.
  • Final Roof Coatings

    The final step is a complete coat of Primabond to stablise the roof surface, followed by a final reinforcement protective roof membrane coating to ensure maximum durability and long term weather protection.
The Modern Roof Restoration Process - Inspection, roof cleaning, ridge capping, roof painting/coating and more.

Our Roof Restoration Services

Modern work with most roofing materials, and can offer a free 33-point roof inspection to recommend the best and most affordable solution to restore the quality, life and look of your roof.

  • Cement Tile Roof Restoration:

    A cement tile roof restoration from Modern is an effective way to transform the appearance of your existing cement roof tiles and help reflect heat away from your roof surface. The combination of the Shield System and Supablock paint can reduce your cooling needs, saving you in the long term by reducing your energy usage.
  • Terracotta Tile Roof Restoration:

    Over time terracotta roof tiles attract moss and can become quite soft. Naturally moist, they retain more moisture than cement tiles as the moss builds up. We've developed a unique range of terracotta roof tile maintenance and repairs services to restore your terracotta tiles as good as new. A terracotta tile roof restoration from Modern means you'll have the best looking roof on the street.
Modern are the roofing and restoration experts.

Why Choose Modern to Restore your Roof?

7 Year Roof Guarantees

The roof of your home protects you from the always changing & often extreme weather conditions that we often face, so it makes good sense to restore your roof to good condition. We have designed and tested all our roof sealers, paints and other materials specifically for the harsh Australian conditions and can provide you with a 7 year guarantee on all our coatings for your peace of mind.

Roof Restorations are an Investment against Future Repairs

After Restoration is your first line of defence against roof damage and deterioration - it can save you from costly future repairs and transform the appearance of your property.

Better Roof, More Home Value.

Replacing an old, worn out or damaged roof will also improve the curb appeal of your home and can increase the value of your property. A roof can account for up to 40% of the overall value of your home, so a Modern roof restoration is a great way to improve the look and value of your home. A restored roof will also reflect the heat more effectively, making your home more comfortable from the outside elements and more energy efficient - cutting the cost of your heating and cooling. Depending on the state of your roof, the cost of a roof restoration is often more affordable than a complete roof replacement. The price paid for restoring your roof is a powerful investment to protect yourself from far more expensive future damages and repairs.

Save on your Energy Bills.

Roof restorations aren't simply for looks and leaks - We can help identify room for improved ventilation and insulation, which in turn can cut your energy bills. For further energy cost reductions - Read more about our home solar power systems.

Modern Restore Roofs Across Australia

From metro residential to the rural country - Modern's team of roof restoration experts have saved Australian rooves across the nation and can save yours too. Our roof restorations start with a 33-point roof inspection which is used to determine the best course of action to take when it comes to making your roof look and feel like new again. For the best local roof restoration services in your area, get in touch with Modern today. We pride ourselves on our thoroughness and attention to detail when it comes to roof restorations, with roof restoration specialists operating across Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart.

Modern Group are Australia's leading industry accredited roof restorers.

A worn, outdated terracotta roof prior to restoration. A customer's roof after a successful roof restoration service - Roof renovations often end up paying for themselves in the long term.

"I must say I was very impressed with the speed, efficiency and high quality of the roof restoration. The effect is stunning. The neighbours have commented on how much better the house looks since the restoration. I would not hesitate to recommend Modern to my friends and neighbours." P. Curbishley, Murrumba Downs, QLD

"Thank you for a wonderful job on my roof restoration. The colour is fantastic and it has given the whole house a lift. The work was done quickly and there was no disruption to my daily routine. I would recommend your services to others who are considering getting a roof restoration done as well. Great work!" C. Hampton

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